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Brace Yourself for Braces? Not Anymore.

It’s often a personal, childhood experience that shapes who we are or, more precisely, who we are destined to become. Such was the case with Dr. Jim Pickering and Dr. Tyler Allen. Allen joined Pickering, who had been in practice since 1995, in 2017 forming Pickering & Allen Orthodontics.

Pickering had “a lot of experience in the orthodontic office as a teenager,” he recounts. “A baseball knocked out six of my permanent teeth a month before my braces were supposed to come off—the first time. I had oral surgery, root canals, general dentistry and then had to go back into orthodontics for a second time, as an adult.” Allen’s early braces encounter also inspired him. “I was an awkward second grader with a massive overbite,” he recalls. “A short 12 months with braces not only improved my smile and my bite, but also my outlook and confidence. I want that same outlook for my patients.”

Pickering and Allen offer patients two locations from which to choose—one in North Knoxville, the other in West Knoxville—along with a reputation for doing just what Allen set his childhood sights on doing: improving outlooks and confidence. They pride themselves on making patients feel like family. “Our team is amazing,” Allen says, “and we truly enjoy spending time with each other. When patients visit with us, they become part of it.”

In addition to its family feel, the practice distinguishes itself with its use of advanced technologies and techniques. Pickering & Allen Orthodontics is the first and only Diamond Level Invisalign® provider in East Tennessee, which also puts the practice in the top 1% of Invisalign® providers nationwide. “The advancements made in clear aligners, notably Invisalign®,” notes Pickering, “have tremendously enhanced our ability to successfully treat more difficult cases, most often with adults. We’re proud of the fact that we can now treat adults with Invisalign®, as well as braces, which was almost unheard of just five short years ago.”

The Damon system is yet another innovation the doctors use daily; the first in East Tennessee to do so. “With the Damon treatment,” Pickering explains, “a passive system helps decrease the amount of friction a patient experiences with the result that their teeth move more comfortably and quickly, with fewer office visits.” Remember when you’d go into see your orthodontist for a braces “tightening” and could only eat soup for a week? Those days are gone.

Their list of technologies is a long and impressive one. “Take indirect bonding of braces, for example,” Pickering says. “It’s a process that greatly reduces fitting times, from 45 minutes to four-to-five minutes.” In addition, the doctors use 3D x-rays, digital impression scanning to replace those ooey-gooey molds, and 3D model printing. These innovations not only contribute to the efficiency of the braces fitting process, but make it easier, and more comfortable, for patients.

Pickering and Allen are excited about yet another addition to their practice: Dr. Reem Hallal who, according to both doctors, is a perfect fit. Dr. Hallal brings fresh perspective to the team, not only as the first female doctor to join the practice, but also with her vast knowledge of orthodontic technology and clinical experience. “She has a real passion for orthodontics and truly enjoys getting to know her patients while transforming their smiles. Needless to say,” says Pickering, “with the wealth of knowledge and experience she brings, we’re very excited.”  

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