Pickering & Allen Orthodontics: A Big Family, A Singular Goal

Pickering & Allen Orthodontics is a practice that’s all about smiles—both those in the dental chair and those beside it and in the offices beyond.

The team members led by Drs. Jim Pickering and Tyler Allen sport the satisfied smiles that come with receiving the training that develops expertise and from working in an environment that’s supportive and collegial. The 30 team members have a combined 321 years of experience in dentistry.

Team members fill a variety of roles at the practice: the clinical team includes the dental assistants who work directly with patients and the treatment coordinators who serve as the links between the doctors and patients; the lab technicians, who build the appliances, retainers, expanders and other equipment; and the administrative and front office staff, who handle insurance claims, new patients, appointments and other administrative tasks. The practice also employs as support staff college students interested in pursuing careers in orthodontics.

Pickering is proud of the team they’ve assembled: “I discuss with our team often that, no matter how good Dr. Allen and I are, “the magic” doesn’t happen without them. They are our hearts, our eyes, our ears, and, very importantly, our hands. We want our patients’ experience to be like no other, and without the loving support of this incredible team, we cannot accomplish that. Yes, we deliver beautiful smiles and perfect bites, but we also deliver the light of Christ.”

Pickering and Allen’s pride in their team extends to wanting to highlight those members with 20+ years of experience in dentistry. They include:

Dental Assistant Kim Ingram, with 42 years’ experience, 17 with Pickering & Allen;

Dental Assistant/Treatment Coordinator Molly Cole, with 32 years experience, 9 with their practice;

Receptionist Nancy Owen, with 22 years’ experience, 16 with their practice;

Lindsey Pierce, Dental Assistant/Director of Delivery, whose 20 years have been with Pickering and Allen Orthodontics;

Tanya Douglas, Dental Assistant/ Office Coordinator, with Pickering and Allen Orthodontics for 21 years;

Dental Assistant Brenda Hurst, with 22 years of experience, 7 with Pickering & Allen; and

Mo Sikkema, with 25 years of experience, 2 at their practice.

Without exception, these team members praise their co-workers and the work they accomplish.

“I was a patient of Dr. Pickering’s the first year he was in practice,” says Tanya Douglas. “The care and support he showed me gave me the confidence that I could be a dental assistant. I fell in love with helping people find their smile. I chose orthodontics because of the wonderful experience of being a patient of a wonderful orthodontist.”

“The relationships I’ve formed have bettered my life,” says Kim Ingram. Would she reapply for her job if she had it to do over? “Yes, yes, yes!”

It’s these same relationships that make Pickering and Allen love what they do. “When you have a team whose mindset is working together to provide the best care and experience for our patients, it’s truly special,” says Allen. “We are a big family with the singular goal of loving others. Each member of our team is just as important as the next, and the way our team consistently works together allows us to achieve this level of excellence.”

Pickering started the orthodontics practice over 25 years ago, and Allen joined him in 2017. They offer Damon and Damon Clear braces and they are a Platinum level Invisalign provider. They also provide orthodontic treatment for youngsters prior to braces to help create extra room for crowded teeth, reduce the need to extract permanent teeth and reduce the overall time in braces.

4741 N. Broadway, Suite C, Knoxville, TN 37918

120 Capital Dr. Suite 104, Knoxville, TN 37922

(865) 687-9412


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