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Founded in 2002, Precision Fire Protection provides the expertise people need when it comes to fire and life safety.  Owners Mike McMullen and James Marcum had both worked for larger fire safety companies and were becoming uncomfortable with the large corporate environment. As the corporate folks focused more on the bottom line and less on serving their customers, they knew it was time to start their new venture.

“We all got into the business for our love of life safety. Simply put, we believe in what we do,” says James. That feeling is shared by most of the small operators in the industry; the sprinkler systems they install are like having a firefighter on duty 24/7. Sprinkler systems put the fires out or at the very least control the fire until the fire department arrives. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has no records of more than two deaths in a building that had a properly maintained and functioning fire sprinkler system, except in explosive situations. No doubt properly installed fire sprinkler systems do their job well, but they must be properly maintained to ensure proper functionality.

To keep these systems working properly, the state requires at a minimum an annual inspection. This review takes into consideration the type, age, and functionality of the system and is often coordinated with the fire alarm company. “The state continuously works to update the fire code to keep buildings safe, and Tennessee is one of the best in the country,” says James. But what happens if you don’t have the system inspected? If there is a fire loss and the system is not up to date, then the insurance company can deny the claim. In most property insurance policies, there is a protective safeguards endorsement, which requires the building owner to maintain the protective safeguards…ie, the sprinkler system, hood system, burglar alarm, etc. This is a shockingly little-known fact and can be devastating to the uninformed building owner.

But don’t expect the Fire Marshall’s office to be responsible for alerting you to your inspection time. Staffing in Knox County in the Fire Marshall’s office currently is around five inspectors, and with between 7,000 and 8,000 active systems, there is no way the inspectors can keep up. It is the responsibility of the building owner to schedule inspections, and the inspections are performed by companies like Precision Fire Protection, who then appropriately tag the system. The functionality of the entire system is the responsibility of the property owner, especially in multi-tenant buildings, but regardless, you should make sure yours is up to date. A denied insurance claim would affect not only the structure but most likely the contents as well.

Close up image of fire sprinkler on white. Fire sprinklers are part of an integrated water piping system designed for life and fire safety.

Precision’s inspection process follows the National Fire Protection Association guidelines to ensure safe operation in the event of an emergency. If during the inspection they discover deficiencies with your fire sprinkler system, they will provide a proposal to bring your system back to within NFPA guidelines.

It’s easy to find out exactly where you stand. Just give the folks at Precision Fire Protection a call for a free evaluation.

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