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From an early age, Debra Durst knew she wanted to make a difference. She truly wanted to be able to help others live better lives. And with that in mind, she chose to study medicine.

Dr. Durst went on to choose a line of medicine that many would consider to be the most difficult area to practice: the emergency room. To be an effective emergency room physician, you must be able to think on your feet and do it quickly. And for well over two decades, Durst did just that, making a difference in the ER setting, but something was missing.

That something nagged at her, a voice that said she could do more to help. Her patients that were aging needed more than routine medical care to be able to truly enjoy the later years of life. 

And even though she sometimes felt fatigued by the intensity of her work, she knew in her heart she needed to heed that call. And attending an anti-aging seminar was all it took for her to open her eyes to the next chapter of her life’s calling.

Durst’s belief that she needed to help was stronger than ever. She opened Revitalyze MD with a new approach to the practice of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine, one that was focused on providing comprehensive solutions. 

When asked if this is similar to an integrative approach to medicine, she says, “My concept embodies some approaches used in an integrative medicine practice, but is so much more.”

The goal here at Revitalyze MD is for every patient to live an extraordinary and joyful life. And frankly who doesn’t want to look younger, feel better, and have a more robust sex life, regardless of your age. “That’s exactly what drove me to build this concept,” she says. “It was a way for me to really make a difference.” 

She wanted to carry a boots-on-the-ground mentality into the wellness industry and provide treatments for patients that want to reach beyond traditional medicine. 

“I’ve been there,” she says. “I didn’t think there were options for me. But there were. And now Revitalyze MD is here to help our “patients know there are options for them, too. They deserve to feel their best.”

From Regenerative, Sexual Wellness, Hormone Optimization, IV Therapy, Laser and non-surgical Aesthetic treatments, Revitalyze MD is there for its patients.  

The overall goal is to provide them a one-of-a-kind experience that helps patients regain their confidence and live their life to the fullest, just as Durst had hoped all those years ago when she decided to enter the field of medicine.

Regardless of your situation or what you are looking for, Dr. Durst and her experienced team of registered nurses, medical assistants, aestheticians, and more will help you to find the answer that is right for your individual need.   

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