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TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: Helping businesses thrive in an ever-changing world

RJ Young

RJ Young is one of the nation’s largest dealers specializing in managed IT services, document management solutions, managed print services, remote support, remote monitoring, fulfillment services, and office imaging. Whether it’s time to upgrade your printer fleet, increase cyber security, or take a growing business to the next level, the team at RJ Young offers the technology solutions that streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

What’s new in the RJ Young world of solutions?

Technology is ever-changing. Now more than ever, businesses rely on IT functions to secure their networks, power their business functions, and keep their organizations running smoothly. Whether you have an in-house IT team, use third-party IT, or don’t have an IT specialist yet, our experts can help you stay ahead of the tech curve, combat cybercrime, and minimize downtime with tailored solutions. .

How are you addressing the new world of remote officing?

When COVID-19 hit, we faced the same challenges our clients did, starting with getting mail to remote team members. To address the remote worker trend, we began offering nearly 30 new technology products and services; cloud-based phone systems, network security, server management, and more. We invested in people, too, doubling down on training and recruiting more top talent to better serve our clients.

Did COVID-19 change your future plans?

The pandemic changed our 5-year plan to a 1-year plan. We are a 60-year-old organization with roots in copying and printing, and pride ourselves on innovation. Copying and printing needs decreased with COVID. We identified this early and diversified our offerings. While our core services remain, we pivoted to solutions like managed IT, cloud-based VOIP systems, and more.

Cyber-Security is quite a challenge for businesses, isn’t it?

The FTC received 1.4 million identity theft reports in 2020, twice as many as 2019. Studies put the cost of a data breach at $3.86 million. All businesses are targets, but those with 250 employees or less suffer the highest rate of malicious emails: one in every 323. Businesses need a partner who can run a full network assessment to identify weaknesses and pinpoint customized, scalable solutions. We would be honored to be that partner.

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