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The world has seen a great many earth-shattering changes over the last six months, changes that have forced companies to transform many of their operational processes. Safety and compliance concerns, data management and protection, project workflow, communication between offices and associates…all have taken on either new, or renewed, importance as we navigate through these challenging and uncertain times.

“We could see fairly early on that businesses needed to totally rethink the way they operated, and we quickly pivoted to assist them in making the Covid-19 transition,” says David Mooney, RJ Young’s Southeast territory sales manager.

RJ Young is the largest, privately held dealer in the Southeast and one of the largest in the nation specializing in managed IT services, document management solutions, managed print services, remote support, remote monitoring, fulfillment services, and office imaging for small to enterprise-level businesses.

“One of the specialized services that we offer, and one that sets us apart, is our needs assessment. What we learned through our assessments was not surprising,” says Mooney. “Remote workers need scanners and printers for use in their virtual offices. They need cybersecurity solutions, as more data is being shared across more geographic locations than ever before. They need ways to network—communicate and collaborate—without the benefit of personal contact, and office buildings need to meet CDC guidelines for safe re-opening.”

Pivoting Quickly to Meet Needs

RJ Young moved quickly to deliver the needed data management, communication, and cybersecurity solutions to their customers. Their “Temperature Screening with Personnel Management Kiosk” is a good example. “Businesses are tasked with keeping employees, customers, patients, students and guests safe from the corona­virus,” says Mooney. “At the same time, they’re also responsible for meeting CDC reopening guidelines, which makes our temperature kiosk an essential addition.”

RJ Young’s temperature screening kiosks aid in compliance, while protecting workers as they return to the workplace. The kiosk is fully automated, reads a person’s temperature in less than one second, and even offers a facial recognition option that vets persons attempting to enter a secured location; the individual’s facial features are captured by camera and compared with those loaded into a database. “Another product we offer,” says Mooney, “that has gotten a lot of traction is our hybrid cloud-based business security camera system.” Smart, scalable, and simple to use, the system offers the best in enterprise protection and can be fully operational in less than 15 minutes. With end-to-end encryption and automatic firmware updates, cameras are always secure, and no complex configurations are required.

A History of Innovation

RJ Young was founded 60 years ago, when Robert J. Young Sr. opened the doors to a four-employee duplicating dealership in Nashville. Today, RJ Young continues to grow, expanding the variety of office solutions–in both equipment and services–that they offer. From process automation and managed IT services to digital printing and promotional items, RJ Young has transformed itself from a company that sold and leased office equipment into a provider of office solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of businesses across a wide range of industries.

In addition to providing unparalleled service to customers, the associates at RJ Young also believe strongly in serving their community. The list of charitable organizations that RJ Young supports is a long one, including Dreams and Wishes of Tennessee, the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Luke’s Community House, and more.

To learn more about RJ Young business solutions that can help your organization with tech solutions for a fast-changing world, visit www.RJYoung.com.  

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