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Strengthening Businesses with Passion and Drive

Jonathan Hall was thrown for a loop in 2020. A producer of video production and live events for the last 15 years, Hall was forced to determine what his next step would be when the pandemic caused the company he worked for to temporarily close its doors. But not everyone had the drive and passion for their work like he did. “I thought rather than wait around, I’d take a leap,” he says. And leap he did, into the next chapter of his life.

In no time, SYNC Communications was born. Hall and his wife, Brook, moved quickly to assemble the team they wanted to build their company from the ground up. Jennifer Bush was the first to come on board. Bush and Hall had been working together for more than a decade in video and live event production in the corporate realm. Her talent and drive matched Hall’s, and they leaped into their first projects under the SYNC brand. As Ben Smith, another long-time partner, joined the team with a keen eye for detail in the edit suite, SYNC’s abilities to service their clients only grew stronger.

But this team is just the base of a large SYNC network. “This business is all about establishing and growing new relationships,” Hall says. “It doesn’t happen without people. People are our number one priority.” Sixty to 200 contractors work alongside this core team in event production, video production, and graphic design, bringing with them decades of experiences in their fields.

Along with corporate clients who followed Hall and his team from their previous positions, SYNC has been creating opportunities for smaller local clients, as well. “Corporate clients help us focus in on businesses more like us,” Hall says. SYNC’s focus right now is on East Tennessee. And with roots in Knoxville, it’s easy to understand why. “I love Knoxville and have been here my whole life,” Hall says. “Our goal this year is to help small businesses recover from the challenges caused by the pandemic.” And with a personal understanding of how this last year has impacted the business community, Hall and his team offer a boots-on-the-ground perspective that differentiates them from the rest. “We are finding solutions for our clients in a totally new world. It has been challenging for them, just as it has been challenging for us, but we make sure we provide them a solution that will work.”

The work-from-home model is here to stay, and SYNC specializes in supporting businesses on this venture. This expertise in the online sphere, along with Video Production, Live Events, Brand Creation, Website and Social Media Development, are just the highlights of SYNC’s list of creative services. So too is being a partner. “We invest ourselves in the idea, the message. We want to know why we’re setting up that video camera, why we’re turning on the mic. We want to drill down on what’s important and deliver that using our skillset,” he says.

SYNC is invested. They have a stake in this work, in this local market. Because they are part of it, and they want to see this city and the businesses within it grow. “We’ve learned a lot this last year. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and created, some wonderful products for our clients of which we are already seeing positive benchmarks from,” Hall says. “Our team is like a family, and so are our partners. If there’s one thing we can pride ourselves on together, it’s hard work.”   

211 Center Park Drive
Building A, Suite 3020
(865) 548-0876

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