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Ben Barnett handles some of the toughest cases an attorney can face. And that’s because, as he puts it, “the individuals who come to us are those in need of guidance in the areas of family law, adoption, divorce, and are dealing with some of the most difficult decisions of their lifetime—decisions most often fraught with remorse, anger, and frustration.” 

These cases are highly emotional because they are personal; they require more than just basic legal counsel. And in order for Barnett—with associate attorneys Ashley Roberts and Matt Lamberth—to be successful, they have to be right in there with family members, right in the thick of the anger and frustration and somehow, get to an outcome that everyone can live with. 

“The job,” Barnett says, “really requires a commitment to making our client’s emotional health a priority.” And as the firm’s principal, Barnett prides himself on the fact that 14 years after opening the firm, that commitment is still its guiding principle—taking care of people.

“The most critical work that we do with clients takes place outside the courtroom,” Barnett says, “providing clients with much-needed support throughout the process.” And with such delicate cases, it’s easy to see why that is such an impactful approach. “Often these cases involve the most personal and emotionally charged aspects of client lives. It takes an iron fist in a velvet glove when taking on cases like these,” he says, and that’s the approach that they have become not only good at, but well known for.

Perhaps one of the reasons this firm excels in connecting with and understanding its clients is because they are part of this community as well. A long-time resident of Knox County and a seasoned litigator, Barnett understands the legal challenges that are unique to East Tennesseans. And, as a father, he brings a very personal understanding of, and appreciation for, the unique demands of family law. “It began with my parents,” he recounts, “who believed in making a positive impact on others, and the community. I have no doubt, too, that as a father I bring a clearer perspective to my clients and the families with whom I work.”

The clients that come to The Barnett Firm are often ones dealing with great burdens brought on by serious domestic issues.  “Broken relationships, child custody, young sons or daughters facing criminal charges…” he says. “Couple the emotional stress of these challenges with an unfamiliarity with the workings of the legal system, and you have clients who are in deep distress. We make it a priority to alleviate these anxieties.”

Part of the alleviation clients feel comes simply from the fact that Barnett and his team have extensive trial experience, helping clients navigate judicial proceedings efficiently. In addition, they design legal strategies that are effective, innovative, and lead to the outcomes their clients need to see. “We have negotiated cases with area attorneys and are skilled at anticipating and countering opposing counsel’s arguments,” he says. “We use this experience to craft a strategy that addresses each client’s unique circumstances and utilizes our awareness when it comes to judicial effectiveness.” As a result,  each of the clients that comes to The Barnett Firm benefits from the insight this legal team has gained during past legal representations.

The alleviation clients feel also comes from the methods Barnett, Roberts, and Lamberth use outside of the courtroom as well, particularly in mediation cases.“ Solving a problem that is not yours, where lawyers and clients can’t resolve the issues by discussing, that’s where I come in,” Barnett says. “It’s really crisis problem solving and that’s an area where we excel. This type of situation handled incorrectly causes stress and our mediation methods have proven time and again to be successful while minimizing the stress on both sides of the case. 

Barnett and his team are proud of their success record in court. Though they feel that the most critical work that they do with clients takes place outside the courtroom, providing them with a much-needed comfort throughout the process. This commitment to seeing clients as people first never comes, however, at the expense of aggressive, dynamic, litigating inside the courtroom. It simply becomes part of the process of ensuring that all of a client’s needs are met. “The reason I enjoy doing what I do is because I fix things,” Barnett says. “People bring me in to fix what everyone says is unfixable, but I’ve yet to find a situation that’s unfixable.” There is always a solution.

The Barnett Firm has been consistently recognized by professional organizations with honors such as the Best of Knoxville/Knox Stars Award, the “10 Best Law Firms” designation by the National Institute of Family Law Attorneys, a “10 Best” recognition from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, and a “Best Divorce Lawyers in Knoxville” nod from

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