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Pro Tips from the Best in Eye Care

The Eye Group welcomes you to think “SPRING” this season. They are a leading eye care provider and have consistently been recognized in the community as an award winner for best in class. Here are a few “SPRING” pointers from the pros at The Eye Group.

Sports. Every sport has unique demands. The right kind of polarized lenses can help you read the golf greens. For hiking or fishing, it could mean a brighter view of the trail or stream on an overcast day. The Eye Group has the latest technologies and experienced professionals to uniquely design your eyewear to help improve your performance and outdoor sports enjoyment while protecting your eyes.

Protection. Nearly 70 percent of adults may have Computer Vision Syndrome. The right type of “anti blue” glasses could help with symptoms like fatigue, dry eyes, or headaches from unprotected exposure. Polarized lenses and anti-reflective lenses are now better than ever at protecting you from glare. Progressive lenses have improved recently, and the newer options available mean a wider area of clarity and a smoother transition than the older versions offered by some manufacturers. Want to see the difference these options could make for you? Preview it! The Eye Group has a computer program that lets you see for yourself the difference that improvements can make. Plus, you can preview your choice of frames on you, not just an online simulation.

Reinvent yourself.  For women, the right glasses are like a facelift for your image and more style choices refresh and personalize your look. Men are choosing eyewear that strengthens their image and makes a statement from European designer lines like Lafont, Dior Homme, Tiffany and David Green, which are available exclusively at The Eye Group. The David Green line incorporates elements of nature like bark and leaves into their frames for an earthy, cosmopolitan world view.

Interests. Whether you’re golfing, playing tennis, or driving in the city at night, your eyes have special needs to fully enjoy your lifestyle. Want to read by the pool and still look cool? Try the Maui Readers Plus with the bi-focal built invisibly into the back side of the lens. Plus, glasses can make you look more interesting, too.

New. In 2018, The Eye Group refreshed and renovated its look with updates and expansions to their office, technologies, staff, and product offerings. Their in-house laboratory allows quicker turn around and custom results.

Grow. Young or old, your eyes have new needs with age and with the season. The doctors and staff can advise patients which eyewear options will best suit their needs and help with problems that occur with aging.

For more than 27 years, founding partners Drs. Joseph Manning and Dorian Lain have brought advanced technologies and quality eyewear to the Knoxville area. They are joined by Drs. Randy Dutton, Kevin Cross, Harrison Amburn, and a staff of 22 professionals. The expert staff takes pride in their extensive knowledge in eyewear and eyecare. With two locations and extended Saturday hours, you can visit The Eye Group with ease and confidence knowing you are getting a great value accompanied by quality advice.   

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