Visionary Horizons: Your Guide to a Brighter Future

Roger Kiger of Visionary Horizons prides himself on being the “self-proclaimed, worst salesperson ever.”  Odd as that may sound from a man who has started and operated a host of successful businesses ranging from marinas to software development, it seems to have been that very approach to managing a business that has brought him his success.

With Visionary Horizons, Roger, a Certified Financial Planner,TM has introduced a new concept in wealth management he calls the “Community Family Office,TM” a concept that combines the art and science of both life coaching and financial planning.  And while it might seem, at first blush, that life coaching and financial planning are fairly far afield from each other, they’re really not. “The fact is,” as Roger explains it, “the financial challenges and opportunities we all face every day have a tremendous impact on the long term aspect of our lives. When we have questions pertaining to finances – usually around those ‘significant life events’ like purchasing a home or saving for college or retirement – where do we go for advice? We go to the most trusted individuals we know, usually mom or dad, a sibling or a friend; but sometimes they can’t help, despite their best efforts and intentions. We want to be that trusted individual who can advise clients using our expertise in Financial Planning, Asset Management, Retirement Services, and Life Planning.” 

Roger is a man who loves business, taking on challenges, and serving as that “trusted individual.” He doesn’t measure success by closing deals and exceeding sales goals. Over the past three decades, he has certainly been there and done that. Now his focus is on building deeper relationships and helping his clients navigate life’s financial milestones. 

Roger and his team don’t limit themselves to working with individuals.

 Businesses need financial planning guidance, as well.  And when it comes to businesses, Roger can bring a considerable amount of personal experience, and success, to bear. Ironically, his first successful business was a marina snack bar. Turning the business around confirmed two things for Roger:  One, that he didn’t want to get into the restaurant business and, two, that he had both an interest and a talent for building a business.  That interest led him to enroll in the American Express (now Ameriprise) financial planning program, which served as the springboard for his financial planning and life coaching career.

Roger’s vision is not to bring on a bunch of new clients or advisors on a regular basis. He would much rather immerse himself in the financial lives of the people and team members with whom he works and build long-term relationships. “I’ve been working with some individuals through multiple ‘stages of life,’ from buying their first home and saving for their children’s college to planning for their retirement,” he says. Roger’s plan for Visionary Horizons isn’t to have offices in Singapore and Sydney. Instead, his vision is to open small offices locally, partnering with financial planning professionals who, like himself, are committed to their local communities. So far, that strategy has served him, his advisors, and his clients, well. Visionary Horizons currently operates offices in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Harriman, and Somerset, KY, with a few like-minded advisors who share the same culture.

“I think that’s the most gratifying aspect of what I do,” he says. “Knowing that someone trusts me enough and relies on me enough to help them answer some of life’s really important questions.”

620 Mabry Hood Road, STE 102 Knoxville, TN 37932

P: (865) 675-8496; F: (865) 675-8499

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