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Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center

Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski played a major role in this 

law getting passed by bringing this important 

issue to the State Legislature. It was signed into 

Tennessee Law June of 2013. This law, called the 

“Breast Cancer Protection Law” will now aford all 

Tennessean women as of January, 2014 to know

if they have a dense mammographic pattern on 

screening mammography. Now they will be able to 

discuss with their doctors the ways they can protect 

themselves in a situation when the mammogram is 

less sensitive and can miss more breast cancers.

What Our Patients Are Saying:

“I come here because I believe you are the best. Top rate. Thank you for your service!”

“They were great in answering all my questions and concerns. They showed so 

much compassion towards me. I love these ladies. They made me feel so at ease.”

“We are all so fortunate in Knoxville to have this wonderful center here. Perfection.”

“I love the quality of care I get here. The staf is knowledgeable and 

the environment is pleasant. It is a great location. I love, love, love 

the MRI technologists. They make me feel so at ease.”

Our boutique promotes the well-being and personal 
The Boutique at KCBC
appearance of women after breast cancer. Shop our ine 

selection of bras, prosthetics, wigs and pink ribbon items.

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