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of fun that the surrounding spots have to offer. River Divide is a gorgeous spot to stay for a visit, or to travel as a beautiful route into the Smokies.
Maybe your desire for a back road is
to merely avoid some of the traffic often associated with Pigeon Forge? From car shows to parades, there are many reasons to find yourself in bumper-to-bumper traffic throughout the year. One road can be the secret to avoiding that headache. Teaster Lane runs parallel to the main strip running through Pigeon Forge. It provides back-door access to a lot of the main attractions on the east side of the road. You can cut traffic time signifi- cantly if you use Teaster Lane entrances to destination entertainments. The Christmas Place Inn, The Track, The Old Mill, and so many other popular attrac- tions can be reached by taking this road. Even if your destination lies on the other side of the main strip, there are plenty of traffic lights you can use to zip across the parkway to reach the other side.
Traveling off of the beaten path is
one of the best adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains. Interesting journeys and unknown treasures are constantly waiting to be uncovered. The biggest tip to keep in mind if you crave this kind of discovery? Do your research. Sometimes, the primitive nature of these roads, severe weather, construction, seasonal changes, or crowded events might alter access to backroads. They vary in size and quality of road or trail. Some may
be limited to all-terrain vehicles; some may be one-way through dense forest. When in the mountains, one of the best things to keep in mind when you want
to explore backroads is to go into your adventure with a flexible agenda. You never know what spot you might dis- cover to sit and enjoy for a while. And if you find backroads to cut traffic time, use that time to discover even more attrac- tions and entertainment options during your visit. You, like all of us at Cityview, may find yourself addicted to the kinds of adventures a backroad can provide.
At any given moment, writer and photographer Hannah Overton is bound to be caring for an animal, reading a book, or taking o  for the mountains with her camera.
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