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any time throughout the semester via email, Skype, or in-person visits. One principle is clear from the start: The school wants students to succeed and is committed to helping every one of them achieve that success.
Achieving Success
To maximize student potential, some prospective students are offered
the opportunity to enter law school by proving themselves through the Admission Through Performance
(ATP) Program. This summer course allows students who may not excel on standardized tests to demonstrate their work ethic and ability to succeed in law school before entering their first year. ATP students get a test run at the law school experience without commit- ting to the financial obligations of a full semester. LMU realizes that the Law School Admission Test (the traditional law school measure for admission) does not define every student’s ability. This forward thinking opens the door
for a more diverse student body and enriches the LMU Law experience. The ATP Program is offered tuition free to all prospective students.
Once students begin their legal education, the Academic Success Program (ASP) provides them with support throughout the curriculum. If
a student underperforms in a course or simply wants to improve in an area, the ASP program allows that student to take advantage of extended individualized attention.
LMU uses cutting-edge technology to give traditional learning methods an individualized twist.

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