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Ben Barnett is a 2024 Top Attorney in Adoption, Family Law/Divorce/Child Support, & Juvenile Defense

When an emergency email comes from a client late at night or on the weekend, long after most people have finished their workday, the legal team at The Barnett Firm is still working with the client to address their concerns and formulate a plan of action. The dedicated attorneys and paralegals at The Barnett Firm understand that clients are coming to them in some of the most difficult and emotional situations of their lives—divorce, custody battles, or adoptions. Combine this stress with the labyrinthian and seemingly impenetrable challenges of the legal system, and people are all too often left confused and alone. 

Founder Benjamin Barnett’s goal has been to provide guidance for people in these tough situations, offering high-quality legal counsel from experienced attorneys, alongside empathy and understanding. “This job really requires a commitment to making our client’s emotional health a priority,” he says, “which has been one of the guiding principles of the firm since its start in 2008.”

As a father, Barnett can empathize with his clients, and it is this understanding combined with honesty and expertise which forms the foundation on which his firm is built. “Often the most critical work that we do with clients takes place outside the courtroom, providing them with much-needed support.” 

A Tennessee native and a 40-year resident of Knoxville, Barnett’s commitment to helping people through such situations began with his parents. “They believed in making a positive impact on others and the community,” he says. The firm also focuses heavily on mediation, “solving problems rather than creating new ones.” Barnett’s goal is to step into these frustrating situations and reach an outcome everyone can live with, to help clients avoid getting sidetracked by old disputes and instead focus on the hope of the future.

In addition to Barnett, the firm is home to associate attorneys Jason W. Hansard and Dianne E. Lashmit, lifelong East TN residents. Together the attorneys and staff offer a team-based approach to ensure the best results possible for clients. “We have negotiated cases with nearly all the area attorneys and are skilled at anticipating and countering opposing counsel’s arguments. We use this experience to craft strategies that address each client’s circumstances.”

The Barnett Firm has been listed in Cityview’s Top Attorneys each year since 2018. They have also been named among Knox Stars Top Attorneys, received a “10 Best” recognition from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, and been listed with the “10 Best Law Firms” by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys.

The Barnett Firm
7417 Kingston Pike, Suite 203
Knoxville, TN 37919

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