The Barnett Firm

A Balanced Approach to Family Law Practice

In 2008, a new kind of law firm opened up in Knoxville. This was built on a new and different concept.
It coupled integrity and respect with a sincere desire to serve a client’s entire being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health. These are all the facets that matter to this firm, and the nonstop clientele shows it. In essence, the Barnett Firm was something very different.

Fast forward 11 years and those statements remain the same. Benjamin Barnett, the firm’s principal, has prided himself on building a firm that is dedicated to protecting his clients. The firm focuses primarily on family law related matters. When it comes to divorce cases, Barnett is not afraid of the numbers. Working with high asset divorces, an area where other lawyers may struggle, Barnett finds his zone. “Lawyers become overwhelmed with the process of dividing assets, but you need to identify with both parties and provide an environment so that they can work toward an agreement,” he says. 

One of the more delicate areas of family law are child-based issues including cases involving juvenile delinquents, Department of Child Services cases, private removals of children, child custody battles, even establishment of paternity cases.

Spreadsheets work wonders in these cases, Barnett says, it’s a great method of organizing the facts that is rarely used. “They help because there’s no questioning it. You have to break it down in a way that eliminates the ability to argue.” And that philosophy continues into mediation cases. “Solving a problem that is not yours where lawyers and clients can’t resolve the issues by discussing, that’s where I come in,” Barnett says. “It’s really crisis problem solving and that’s an area where we excel. This type of situation handled incorrectly causes stress and our mediation methods have proven time and again to be successful while minimizing the stress on both sides of the case.”

It’s this aspect of his work that keeps Barnett bringing in new clients and doing his absolute best for them. “The reason I enjoy doing what I do is because I fix things,” he says. “People bring me in to fix what everyone says is unfixable, but I’ve yet to find a situation that’s unfixable.” There is always a solution.

Barnett and his team take care of the whole client. It’s never about just going in with fiery gusto for only what the client wants or about doing the minimum. It’s a much larger responsibility. “We’ve been termed counselors for a reason, responsible for not just the financial, but also the physical, psychological, educational, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person and the family. We need to cover the entire gamut of our client’s health,” Barnett explains. “Too many lawyers are afraid to fact check or reality check their client because in reality it’s way better for a client’s mental health to get over it.”

Every day at The Barnett Firm, Barnett and his team are fighting for their clients, in court, in judge’s chambers, arguing motions, negotiating at mediations, and holding depositions. It’s this work ethic and integrity that makes Barnett’s clients come back, “We are here for them.”  

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