Digital Advertising Specifications

Digital File Formats

File formats

JPG, PNG, and GIF file types are accepted. Files must be under 1MB in size. Also provide the URL you would like your digital ad to link. If you fail to provide one, the ad will link by default to your homepage.


Please provide the ad in the pixel dimensions in the Ad Sizes section. Although the size in which the final ad will display is dependent on the end user’s device, the requested resolution insures a crisp ad displays on everything from desktop retina displays to mobile devices.


Website images must be saved in RGB. Although we accept images with million of colors, selecting the 256 color limitation will produce the smallest file size and fastest load time.

Image Size

See Ad Sizes for details on your specific ad size.

Delivery Method

Upload the file to the client center under the Artwork tab.

Ad Sizes

Ad TypeDesktop DimensionsMobile Dimensions
Billboard2400 x 4001170 x 365
Leaderboard1600 x 4001170 x 365
Waterfall600 x 1200
Online Profile

Submitting Content for Ad Development

File formats

Most image file formats are accepted. Microsoft Word or Apple Pages documents can be accepted for text only.


Images should be sent in the highest resolution available. We will ensure the image is properly sized for web view. Logos or other line art needs to provided in a vector-based format such as AI, EPS, or SVG or a transparent PNG for maximum flexibility in our design.

Providing Ad Direction

Please provide as much information about what you’d like your ad to include as possible. Napkin sketches, headline ideas, overall concept, image preference, logo placement, and mandatory information are all helpful information for our designers. Providing as much information up front will speed the development of your ad and increase the likelihood that we get it right on the first proof.

Upload the elements we should use to develop your ad in the client center under the Artwork tab.