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Crafting a Special Welcome

Every home deserves a grand entrance, and Knoxville Door and Shutter is making that happen for homes across East Tennessee

With a focus on adding a touch of luxury and individuality to a customer’s home, Knoxville Door & Shutter has carved a niche for itself as a premier provider of tailor-crafted doors and shutters. “In a nutshell,” says Rick Kelley, co-owner of the Knoxville business, “we create doors and shutters that are truly unique, tailor-crafted to meet each customer’s individual needs.” 

The door and shutter company name began back in 2022, but this team has actually been around for decades. “Our main company, Knoxville Drywall, an interior finish company, has been around since 1957,” Rick says. The company, which he runs and co-owns with Angelia, is a third generation East Tennessee business.

Knoxville Door & Shutter | Photo by Nathan Sparks

More Than a Door

Now, if you’re thinking that, well, “a door is just a door,” you’d be scratching the surface. Knoxville Door & Shutter creates a whole host of custom doors and shutters; from exterior screen doors to interior barn doors, doggie doors, and cat doors. As for exterior shutters, their custom solutions include a wide a variety of options, such as raised panel, custom, and louvered products.  All in a variety of styles, materials and finishes and each crafted with the care, quality and precision that ensures lifelong beauty and durability. “Bring us your vision,” says Rick, “and we’ll make it a reality.”

The doors are made from rough cut materials that the Knoxville Door & Shutter team finish themselves. “When we get it, we know exactly what we’re getting,” Angelia says. “We know the moisture contents and where it came from.”

Customized Entrances

The most popular of their products is the tailored screen door. This kind allows homeowners to swap out the top and bottom panels. Customers can choose a screen for one and plexiglass for the other. You can add a solid panel or various styles of pickets. There is even a center insert that can be changed out. If you were thinking that a “custom door” is simply a door made to certain size specifications, well, you wouldn’t even be scratching the surface of what customization means at Knoxville Door & Shutter. 

Knoxville Door & Shutter | Photo by Nathan Sparks

 “Our customers come to us with all sorts of customization ideas, and we just love it when someone brings us something that is different and perhaps even a bit challenging,” Angelia says. The company’s on-site CNC machine allows for accurate and distinctive design creation, making the doors truly irreplaceable to families. 

“We once created a custom door for a husband who wanted to incorporate his wife’s favorite Bible verse, along with an image that had been drawn by his daughter. Using high-tech woodworking equipment, we were able to create a solid wood door that not only featured the Bible verse in his wife’s handwriting, but also the image that his daughter had drawn. Needless to say, it’s pretty special, and visitors to the family’s home are always both amazed and inspired by it.” 

Creating Luxury

Looking to give your home a grand entrance, and add a touch of luxury that will make your guests feel even more at home? Give Rick and Angelia a call. “There’s no one else doing what we do,” Rick says, adding that they presently have a design patent pending for the door design. “We always say that every home deserves a grand entrance, and we want our community to know that we can help them create theirs.”

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