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Deep Community Roots

With national level resources and local level customer service, Aspen Contracting is updating East Tennessee homes with quality and care

Ask Kelly Judd, Sales Manager for Aspen Contracting, why his company towers over every other roofing company in the country and he is happy to give you just a few of the reasons. 

“We’re the number one residential roofing contractor in the United States,” exclaims Judd. “We’ve won the prestigious Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor Award. We’re nationally accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We’ve been recognized as one of the 50 fastest growing companies by Five Elms Capital. And voted number one by Bob Vila, and I’m sure you know who HE is!” 

Licensed and insured, Aspen Contracting restores, repairs, and replaces roofs, siding, and gutters in both the residential and commercial markets. The company also specializes in new construction in the residential, retail, and industrial markets. 

”We do shingle, metal, and tile roofs, gutters, and all types of siding: metal, vinyl and James Hardie. We always use the best materials out there,” Judd says.

Ironclad Service

What makes what Aspen does different, and better, than their competitors? Judd says it starts with leadership. 

“If you’ve got great leadership at the top, you’re always going to get a great team,” he says.

 From a customer service team that is there for the customer 24/7/365, to the construction teams that ensure every job goes smoothly, every member of the team is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to doing exceptional work. Then, of course, there’s the sales team, which Judd leads. 

“It’s my responsibility to train all of our new sales staff with a focus on providing the best possible service to our customers.” 

Last but not least, there’s the Aspen warranty, which not only covers the manufacturer and the labor, but the contents and interior of the inside of the customer’s home, as well. The warranty is called the Aspen Ironclad Lifetime Warranty because, well, it’s pretty ironclad.

Local Commitment

The lion’s share of Aspen’s business is referrals. “If we put a roof on your home, the service you get has to be so good that you’ll tell somebody about it,” says Judd. That’s why word of mouth has always been their biggest lead source. And that’s how Aspen has been able to thrive, even in challenging times, for so many years: by doing quality work, always. 

That, and “always doing the right thing through higher standards and integrity,” explains Judd, “That’s where the Aspen name comes from. It comes from the Aspen tree because the roots of an Aspen tree grow so deep within the earth that the tree can withstand almost any natural disaster, including floods, ice, and even fire. Like the Aspen tree, we have deep roots in the community.” 

These deep roots Judd refers to are the fact that despite being connected to a national network of Aspen teams, the East Tennessee office is headed by a local team. 

“We’re your neighbor,” Judd says. “We serve the community we live in.” It’s not unusual to see these neighbors check in with their customers, often making the time to stay for a cup of coffee before they head out. 

“At the end of the day, we want to be educators more than salespeople. We’d love to earn your business, but we know we can’t earn everybody’s. So we’re going to just do the best we can to help educate you, and hopefully in the future, you will call on us if you need help with something.”

Alongside deep community roots are national resources to help this local Aspen team stay on top of trends, updates in technology, and so much more. 

“It keeps us in the know,” Judd says. “It aids in our ability to have more training, stay within today’s technological advances, and support our East Tennessee community in the process.”

Covers 4 Others – Free Roof Program

“Giving back is a part of our DNA,” Judd says, “and the Covers 4 Others program is a way for us to do that.” 

The Covers 4 Others program ties back to the Aspen name. Aspen trees lend leading roots to each other to help when they are in need. 

Established in 2015, the program was designed to do just that—help those in need—by providing free roofs to deserving individuals, families, and community groups across the country. In the past 9 years, the company has helped 81 families restore their roofs. 

The public is invited to nominate a member of their community through July 31. The public can then vote on the finalists, with winners announced on September 11. For more information about Covers 4 Others and to see past winners, visit

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