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Going Postal

Politicians notice the rare letter that lands on their desk “Mr. Postman,” (said the politician), “look and see, is there a letter (from a constituent) in your bag for me?” Politicians may not sing it like the 1960s group the

Who’s in charge?

COVID highlights leadership challenges during health emergency The county mayor is responsible for the operations of Knox County government—unless a health emergency prioritizes the ideas of a group of unelected individuals responsible

The Law and ICE

Spangler protects citizens, enforces law by renewing agreement Some months ago, I was in a social media conversation with a then-city government official on the topic of illegal immigration. Liberal politically, he complained about

The Color Purple

Will the blue wash over Knoxville’s traditional red political landscape. On a WATE-TV show in 2003, after Bill Haslam was elected Knoxville mayor, I concluded that he might be the “last overtly Republican mayor of Knoxville.” That could

Fleeing The Skunk

The stench of a property tax increase can not be ignored There are three reasons why city and county leaders typically flee property taxes like a skunk chasing them down the street: property owners hate them, voters hate them, and they