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Playing Political Chess

The fundamental strategies of a municipal face-off I don’t play chess, but I’ve played a real-life political version in contests involving many millions of dollars—or a politician’s future. In politics, even what seems the right move

The Most Hated Tax

Pay your debt and keep your home. Simple, right? It’s possible for a Tennessean’s house to be sold out from under them – even if they’re paying their mortgage. The reason: property taxes, or rather, property tax non-payment. On one

Parental Consent

Voices build momentum after Tennessee’s mature minor law gets a clarification from the governor The extent of the state’s ability to decide that minors of a certain age can make their own medical decisions while keeping their parents in

Peering in to the Abyss

Silicon Valley Bank’s 2023 collapse draws deep similarities to the most notable bank failure in East TN history Insistent—even demanding—messages from reporters in Tennessee and throughout the country were growing into an ever-higher

Legal Shield

Immunity for companies leaves Tennesseans wondering who’s right The challenge facing Tennesseans and the world about Covid-19 vaccines is what to believe, who to believe, and when to believe what we’re told about them—and if there’s