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Legal Shield

Immunity for companies leaves Tennesseans wondering who’s right The challenge facing Tennesseans and the world about Covid-19 vaccines is what to believe, who to believe, and when to believe what we’re told about them—and if there’s

We Draw the Lines

Redistricting puts Republicans and Democrats at odds Redistricting works like this: when your political party is in power, among the spoils of victory is drawing congressional and state legislative district lines. A legislative majority

Help Wanted

Pulling the unemployment boost plug in Tennessee With “Help Wanted” signs in Tennessee so thick that a person needs a chainsaw to cut through them, Gov. Bill Lee pulled the plug early on $300-a-week expanded federal government

To Bear Arms

The arguments surrounding Tennessee’s newConstitutional Carry legislation When I was a kid, my friends and I played ‘army,’ fighting World War II around the houses and nearby jungle-like terrain of Merritt Island, Florida. We