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Spray-Net in Knoxville makes exterior painting and kitchen cabinet refinishing simple, quick, beautiful and long-lasting 

Story by Micha Haas | Photography by Nathan Sparks

There’s a Netflix series called “Instant Dream Home”; perhaps you’ve heard of it. The gist of the series is simple: redo a house from top-to-bottom in a single day. And if a crew can pull that off, says Alfonso Cruz, then a painting company should be able to do the same.

That’s one of Alfonso’s goals with Spray-Net in Knoxville. He works to make every job a day-in-day-out deal for his customers with customized coatings for the substrate that needs to be painted offering a 15 year No peel warranty in all of his jobs. That’s not his crew rushing through a job, either. That is just the way painting ought to be done, and how it can be done when you work with a trained professional crew and the right coatings, like Spray-Net does, instead of cycling through subcontractors with conventional paint.

Whether you’re working on refreshing kitchen cabinets in your home or the entire exterior, Alfonso is confident that his team will produce world-class results with a factory finish job that will last, without taking weeks to make it happen.

Expert Level of Service

I’m sure, at one time or another, we’ve all dipped our toes in, so to speak, to touch up an old cabinet or paint an accent wall. But to get the job done right, in a way that will last, that’s what Spray-Net offers, with its professional in-house team and the expert-level knowledge base that comes from hundreds and thousands of hours spent on job sites and at the Spray-Net lab. Each time, this team improves on the process and products, working on new techniques that can transform a job into something special.

Every coat of paint applied by Spray-Net is custom-formulated for your home to ensure it meets your needs. It doesn’t matter what surface you need covered or the weather outside. Spray-Net specializes in advanced formulations to paint brick, vinyl, aluminum, and fiber cement siding as well as windows, stucco, doors, and kitchen cabinets. Spray-Net has the tools and expertise to give your home its new coat on your schedule—and they make sure that the coat lasts.

National Network of Resources

At the core of Spray-Net’s expertise are both national and international networks of professionals that share research and expertise, elevating Spray-Net services across North America. 

“We have constant feedback,” Alfonso says. “We have R&D in house and they are constantly evolving.” One patented solution Alfonso is particularly proud of is a new Spray-Net roof coating. “This coating will not only change the color of the roof, but also restabilize the shingles that have become loose over time,” he says. “This can extend the life of your roof by 15 years.” He already has customers on a waiting list to be the first to utilize this in the region.

If you’ve been thinking about that dream home makeover, Alfonso, together with his wife Jacquelinne invite you to book your free virtual or on-site consultation. It may not make it on TV, but you’ll get your dream home – or at least your dream paint job – at Netflix-worthy speeds. 



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