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November December 2021

Sharing the Harvest

Knox County’s hunger ratings require us all to pitch in Five or six years ago, I started a new holiday tradition. On the day after Thanksgiving, I would visit my friend Billy Kidd, the late WIMZ DJ, as he kicked off his yearly “Camping

The Presiding Judge

A look back at the life of a fellow presiding justice in the neighboring state of Alabama Of all those remarkable individuals I have met during my 40 years in local politics and the state judiciary, far and away the most interesting is

Finding the Sublime

Alex Smith shares the beauty of life through oil paintings In early October, Knoxville native Alex Smith wandered through a First Friday crowd at the Emporium. His first local show since moving back to Knoxville in early 2019,

Frozen Head

Challenging terrain speckled with stories of icy escapes On June 13, 1977, a handful of inmates from Brushy Mountain scaled the wall and melted into the Cumberland Mountains surrounding beautiful Petros. On their heels were every

Providing Closure

COVID-19’s unexpected impact on the justice system You may be familiar with the phrase “Justice delayed is justice denied”. It’s a simple yet thoughtful concept that essentially means that if legal relief isn’t available in a

Dental Images

Patient-Focused Care, Top Technology Define Practice "We firmly believe that when you’re in our chair you’re not a patient; you’re a member of our dental family,” says Dr. Chase Nieri about Dental Images, where he and Dr. Steven Brock