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Terry Adams is a 2024 Top Attorney in Real Estate Finance & Development, Contract Law, Entertainment & Sports, and Estate Planning/Trusts

Terry Adams’ journey into the world of the law begins in the Nashville District Attorney’s office—not as a lawyer, but as a teenager, helping his mom clean the office. Adams often helped his mom on her “side hustle” jobs like this, but this particular one presented him with a unique opportunity. Since he was a kid, Adams had been an avid reader, and there’s no collection quite as dense and voluminous as a collection of law books.

“Particularly back in those days, law books were updated annually,” Adams says, “so we would wind up with these huge boxes of law books that we were supposed to throw out. At one point, I just asked my mom, ‘Instead of throwing these books out, can I take them home?’”

Adams read his new books voraciously, and as he did so, he could imagine himself in law school and, ultimately, stepping foot in the courtroom with clients of his own. The District Attorney General of Nashville likely didn’t realize when he let the young Adams take home these musty old law tomes that he had set the teenager on the path to become a notable attorney in his own right. Now Adams is the founder and managing attorney of Adams Law and Admiral Title, Inc., where he puts his legal know-how to work helping clients grow their businesses and protect their interests.

Adams Law & Admiral Title, Inc. opened its doors 20 years ago here in Knoxville. Back then, on day one, it was a solo outfit. These days, however, the firm and title company have dozens of experienced staff in Knoxville, ready to lend their expertise to any needs their clients might have. “We have a pretty diverse group of attorneys that do a lot of different things,” he says, “but our focus is business and real estate.” 

And while he and his team boast resumes that tell a story of tireless advocates during clients’ biggest challenges, Adams says his favorite part of what he does is simply helping businesses find success in their day-to-day operations. Contract drafting and the other documentation needed to set up a business or complete a real estate transaction are the building blocks for his clients’ future successes, and if Adams and his team can use those building blocks to improve the lives of his clients, then that is a win for all involved.

Adams and his team are committed to making a difference in the Knoxville community. “We want the people in our company involved in making Knoxville a better place,” he says. For his own part, Adams regularly takes on pro-bono cases for those in need and assists non-profits. He also counsels aspiring entrepreneurs trying to get their businesses off the ground, something he sees as one of the most meaningful parts of his career.

“When somebody has a problem that they can’t solve by themselves, they come to me to help them do that,” says Adams. “There’s honestly nothing more rewarding than that.”

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