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The Knoxville Milberg team may not wear superhero capes, but maybe they should keep a few in the office. Long-time Knoxville lawyer Greg Coleman has focused his career on defending the rights of others across the globe. A powerhouse attorney at Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman PLLC, Coleman and his Knoxville team were instrumental in bringing resolution to the largest industrial disaster in U.S. history, the 2008 Kingston Coal Ash Spill. Coleman notes the “important” work of pictured fellow attorneys (Kelsey Davies, Ryan McMillan, Adam Edwards, Will Ladnier, Virginia Whitener), additional Milberg attorneys (Mark Silvey, Justin Day), paralegal staff (Dawn Holt, Jackie Frasure, Cathy Bryant), and co-counsel in securing the recent victory.

In addition to Knoxville, Milberg has offices and dedicated team members in Nashville and nine other states across the country, as well as Puerto Rico. The firm’s international work, which includes a recent environmental matter involving a dam collapse in Brazil, extends far beyond U.S. borders, considering their locations in both England and Amsterdam.

Looking to the firm’s future, Coleman says “strategic expansion” is on the horizon, particularly in Australia. “There you have a system that is not exactly like ours in terms of class actions or mass torts, but it’s closer than some of the other countries we’re in. The goal is continued strategic expansion for opportunities to help folks around the world.” 

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