Blessing Boxes


Give what you can — take what you need

One cold day in January I called a meeting to see what our law firm could do for the community in the coming year. Over my 40+ years in business I have learned that one of the most important responsibilities of a community-based business is how we choose to give back.

The idea of a blessing box became the center of the discussion as Tina explained that her dad had built one for their church. We agreed to give it a try. Materials were purchased and the office parking lot became our shop. None of us are carpenters, but the box was completed and installed! Now for the real test.

We filled it up with nonperishable food and personal hygiene items, which are free for the taking.  I expected to find it empty quickly, but it seemed like every day there would be more food and supplies in the box!! We soon discovered that teachers from Clinton Elementary and Middle Schools were making sure there were ample items for those in need.

Then COVID hit… and everything changed. The needs of the community drastically increased. The Norwood Elementary School principal called asking if we would build a box for his school. Tina’s dad volunteered to help build the boxes. The second box was completed and I delivered it the following week. What an uplifting experience! I was truly humbled that day at how the simplest of gestures can make such a difference.

The word was out and the following week two additional requests came from school principals. I do my best to never say no, and construction was commissioned on several more boxes. At this point we have 17 in the community with requests for several more. All of them seem to be a huge success.

We have partnered with local churches near the schools to help keep them filled, and each box has a sign that says “Give what you can, take what you need,” and good people are doing just that! I have met with Elaine Streno, the director of Second Harvest Food Bank, and with their agreement to help with supplies, the sky is the limit.

We are committed to building Blessing Boxes as long as there is a need and schools and churches keep requesting them. The true blessing has been to us, knowing that we are living up to our firm’s motto “Helping Good People Through Difficult Times.”  If you would like to participate and sponsor one of the boxes please give us a call at 865-457-6440.   

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