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Old Friends

Sweet friendships refresh the soul. —Proverbs 27:9 Both men were slow exiting my car. For the first time, my two friends looked like old men. Chubby, the shorter of the two, shuffled to the door, while Wayne appeared weak and off

Just Jokin’

Attorneys share laughs amid lawsuits I rarely accept public speaking engagements. I used to speak to a lot of civic clubs, lawyer groups, and as an invited guest to address students at the UT College of Law, but I discontinued that

Crazy Stuff

While bunkered down avoiding the COVID-19 virus and all human contact, I’ve had very little to do but think. Never have I been so isolated and my mind been so impotent. Then, I began to think of all the crazy stuff we have to put up with

Diggin’ Vinyl

Fond memories reverberate through stacks of wax. I miss records. I’m not talking about CD’s or downloading songs from iTunes. I mean phonograph records. You know, the round vinyl things with the hole in the middle. Okay, I know that

Wild Things

Adventures in Animal Avoidance I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a naturalist. I have little interest in wild things, and every time I encounter a wild animal, it proves disastrous. I have never spent time in the woods or hiking

Grouchy Old Men

Story by Robert Pryor, Sr. If you’ve been around any old men lately, you may have noticed that they can be exceedingly grouchy. What it is about old guys? The older they get, the harder they are to get along with. They complain about