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Gridiron Glory

Vivid memories from the Vols history bring elation for the season ahead As I sat waiting for the kickoff, I felt detached from reality. The entire stadium was in a stupor with little sound and suspended movement. Was this a football

Summer Vacation

Relishing endless family moments on the coast of Florida There we were again. The Pryor family riding along south in the family “truckster” on another Florida vacation. By 1980, we had graduated from an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station

Not as Advertised

Men are not as brainless as advertisers want you to believe Is it just me, or are we men getting slammed by American advertisers? Every time I turn on my TV, another poor guy is being made to look foolish and stupid. Do commercials have

Picking the Best

Judging contests in East Tennessee is not for the faint of heart I don’t remember how or why it happened, but there I was seated in a special roped off section of the auditorium judging a child’s beauty contest. Stop this madness, I

Going to the Doctor

Why is the build-up to being seenmore work than the appointment? I don’t know about you, but I dislike going to the doctor. It’s not because I’m afraid of needles or even the dreaded prostate exam. My aversion is to the medical forms