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Meet Bodie

The puppy has arrived at the Pryor residence. The clothes and furniture are in trouble. Against the advice of everyone who knows us, my wife and I have adopted an eight-week-old Golden Retriever puppy. We are not new to dogs, especially

Healthcare Hassles

The painful process of completing a seamingly endless number of forms As a salute to the “Top Docs” listed in this edition of Cityview, I thought I should share with you a few of my personal experiences with medical providers during the

Defending My Life

How will you fare when you reach the final judgment? I’ve been attending far too many funerals lately. If this keeps up, there won’t be anybody left for me to play with. Fellow lawyers, golfing partners, teammates, neighbors, and

Jurors in Jest

Courtroom tales remind us that laughs can be found even in the most serious of spaces Did you know that some of life’s most humorous moments are played out regularly on the stage of a courtroom somewhere near you?  While court trials

Gridiron Glory

Vivid memories from the Vols history bring elation for the season ahead As I sat waiting for the kickoff, I felt detached from reality. The entire stadium was in a stupor with little sound and suspended movement. Was this a football