‘Fur’-ever friends


It’s always a great time to adopt a shelter animal

We may not be that happy about extra time at home, but our pets are! My two Great Pyrenees dogs, Bear and Lola, couldn’t believe their good fortune as coronavirus changed my work schedule. 

Although our pets have gotten to spend more time with us than usual, many newly adopted shelter pets are experiencing being a part of a family for the first time. Across the country, shelters and rescue organizations reported increased adoptions as more people stayed home and stayed safe.

As long as you can commit to taking care of your newly adopted pet for the long term and understand the care and even financial commitment required, it is always a perfect time to adopt a pet.

The adoption process starts with picking out the appropriate pet and continues long into the first few weeks of pet parenthood.  Staying at home with him will help your new pet adjust better than any other factor. Being home allows you to have the time and patience needed to alleviate her natural anxieties about change.

Furthermore, being needed by your pet and having the unconditional love of a pet when we are social distancing goes a long way to helping us through this crisis. Christine Martin, one of my clients, says Zoey, her Pomeranian, “gives unconditional love all the time, as you know I would be lost without her.”

It’s not too late to find a best friend of your own. There are still many shelter pets waiting to be found.   

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