Two new trails add mileage to those in Concord Park area

Photos by Shane Hunter

Think Knox County and biking trails, and undoubtedly the Urban Wilderness in South Knoxville springs to mind. It’s time to think West Knox County as well. The Appalachian Mountain Bike Club (AMBC) is putting the finishing touches on six trails in the Concord Park area off Northshore. Volunteers worked on the two newest — near the ballfields on the north side of Northshore — over the weekend. 

All of the six trails are accessible from Knox County greenways, says AMBC executive director Matthew Kellogg. The newest trails total 2.4 miles in length; in total the Concord trails cover 16 miles.  

Kellogg says the trails are “more experiential than long distance. Out of the six trails, two are for bikes only,” he says. They feature beginning and intermediate jump lines and berms similar to those at Baker Creek Preserve in South Knoxville. The others are meant for hikers and runners as well.

Once signage and other details are wrapped up, the biking club will focus on tackling the invasive plants that border the trails. Members contribute to the maintenance of more than 100 miles of trails throughout Knox County.

Kellogg is proud of the work the club has done in conjunction with Knox County Parks and Recreation. “It has changed the conversation about who Knoxville is,” he says. “We used to say come to Knoxville and go to the Smokies. While you can still do that and it’s still wonderful, you also can wear yourself out and experience nature right here in town. And the trail network supports businesses and changes our real estate market in a positive way.”

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