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January February 2022

Hallerin Hilton Hill

An observer of life who chooses joy and gratitude, leads with purpose, loves from the heart, and feels called to share light with his fellow man It doesn’t happen all that often, but every now and then an interview almost writes

Water in the Blood

Knoxville’s Dale McCurry reached the pinnacle of US Coast Guard service while saving lives and training others Standing waist deep in the gently flowing waters of the Little River in Townsend, Dale McCurry is intent on making a perfect

The Truth about Dolly

Remembering moments with the Daughter of Sevier County and their unexpected connections to my life in law Almost everyone who lives in Sevier County has a story about its favorite daughter—internationally known singer, songwriter, movie

Tim Chandler

He never thought of becoming a nonprofit executive, but after 22 years with Scripps Networks, Tim Chandler found himself at a crossroads, where he could choose his next chapter. The position at Friends of the Smokies enables him to help

Not as Advertised

Men are not as brainless as advertisers want you to believe Is it just me, or are we men getting slammed by American advertisers? Every time I turn on my TV, another poor guy is being made to look foolish and stupid. Do commercials have