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Benjamin T. Barnett and the dedicated members of his team handle the “absolute toughest and most difficult cases” an attorney can face; cases that involve not only the custody, but the safety of a child.

As Barnett puts it, “the individuals who come to us, those in need of guidance in the areas of family law, adoption, and juvenile defense among others, are dealing with some of the most difficult decisions of their lifetimes… decisions fraught with remorse, anger, and frustration.” These cases are highly emotional and require more than legal counsel. In order for Barnett and fellow attorney Jason Hansard—both of whom are parents themselves—to be effective, they have to be “right in there with those family members, right in the thick of the anger and the frustration and somehow, get to an outcome that everyone can live with.”

This is especially true given the focus that the firm has taken in the last year as it has grown and evolved. “We’ve been putting our focus now on terminations and adoption cases. Our goal is to provide security for the kids that we’re working hard to get out of bad situations. As I mentioned, these are the absolute toughest cases… especially if they’re contested.”  Fortunately, Barnett has the support of a team that he knows is committed to doing whatever it takes. “We often get phone calls and emails at all times of the night, which is not surprising when you consider the kind of situations we’re involved in. It’s important that we respond immediately, and that’s what we do.”

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As a long-time resident of Knox County, Barnett understands the legal challenges that are unique to East Tennesseans. As a seasoned litigator, he is well-versed in representing clients in court, and as a father, he brings a very personal understanding of, and appreciation for, the unique demands of family law. “That’s consistent with my approach to treating the whole case, the whole individual,” he says. “We’ve worked hard the last few years on treating the whole situation: mental, physical, spiritual, social, and psychological.”

The Barnett Firm has been consistently recognized with honors such as the Cityview Magazine’s Top Attorney 2018-2022, Knox Stars Top Attorney, Best of Knoxville/Knox Stars Award, the “10 Best Law Firms” designation by the National Institute of Family Law Attorneys, a “10 Best” recognition from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, and a “Best Divorce Lawyers in Knoxville” nod from

With years of experience in family law, both Barnett and Hansard have represented clients across East Tennessee, and their extensive trial experience helps The Barnett Firm navigate judicial procedures efficiently and effectively in order to obtain the desired outcome for the client. 

“We have negotiated thousands of cases with area attorneys and are skilled at anticipating and countering opposing counsel’s arguments.”

And while Barnett and Hansard can be proud of a commendable success record in court, they feel that the most critical work that they do with clients takes place outside the courtroom, providing them with a much-needed confidence in, and comfort with, the entire process. “We become involved in the most personal and emotionally charged aspects of a person’s life,” he says. “It demands a special kind of dedication to do this kind of work and I’m proud of the fact that we live by, and are well known for, that dedication.”

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