5 Beautiful Places to Take a Walk

The view from the Lakeshore Park Greenway exteneds to the Great Smoky Mountains.

1. UT Gardens, Knoxville

UT Gardens is THE place to stop and smell the roses. And admire the coneflowers. And rest in a swing under a tree. And maybe even buy some fresh veggies from the kitchen Garden.

2. Melton Lake Greenway, Oak Ridge

This peaceful 5.7 mile (one-way) paved trail parallels the western shore of Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge. Melton Lake Park provides a picnic shelter and playground for families that want to take the greenway to the park.

3. Lakeshore Greenway, Knoxville

The 4-mile Lakeshore Greenway circumvents Lakeshore Park and offers several challenging hills to get that heart rate up. It also supplies stunning views across the park to Fort Loudoun Lake and, on a clear day, the Smoky Mountains.

4. UT Arboretum, Oak Ridge

More than 2,500 native and exotic plant specimens are growing on this 250-acre Research and Education Center. Self-guided nature trails thread the nearly 5 miles of woods open to hikers, photographers and bird-watchers.

5. Knoxville Botanical Garden & Arboretum

The Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum is located on 47 acres of former Howell Nurseries, featuring walking trails, display gardens, and over two miles of distinctive stone walls and timeless buildings, just five minutes from downtown. 

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