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Stay in the Game and Off the Sidelines

It was his second year of college. Scott Brown was wrestling, successfully enough in fact, to garner an invitation to the United States Olympic Training Center. Unfortunately, a freak accident led to a broken back, and he was almost certain at the time that not only would he never wrestle again, but that his life was completely ruined. He left the hospital convinced that the injury to his back would make almost every type of physical activity either impossible or extremely painful.

Luckily, he was wrong. A friend and fellow athlete suggested that Scott visit a chiropractor. “That visit changed my life forever,” says Scott. “I found that given the proper chiropractic treatment and care, I could live my life the way I’d planned. I can’t even describe what that felt like.”

Scott is now Dr. Scott Brown, and Brown Chiropractic boasts nine chiropractors, as well as several physical therapists and massage therapists. His practice continues to be recognized for their knowledge, state-of-the-art pain management, and compassionate care. Which explains why, this year, Brown Chiropractic is once again recognized as Best Chiropractor and Best Chiropractic Services.

“I was always interested in healthcare,” he says. “I was pre-med in college, but wasn’t heading in any particular direction. When chiropractic gave me my life back, the decision to go in that direction was made for me.”

Today, Dr. Brown and the professionals who work with him often meet with patients who feel very much like he did on the day he left that hospital. They’re apprehensive about the future, fearful that they’ll no longer be able to participate in many of the activities that have brought them joy. “When I hear those stories,” says Brown, “I know I need to help them get that enjoyment back.” And that is what the team at Brown Chiropractic does on a daily basis; give people that enjoyment back.”

Despite the advancements in the field in terms of techniques and equipment, one aspect of Dr. Brown’s profession has not changed, and it’s an aspect that will challenge even the greatest advances in treatment. “People simply wait too long to seek help,” says Brown.

Fortunately, there is still a great deal that Dr. Brown and his associates are able to do for their patients, even when they seek treatment a bit too far down the road. There are few things more rewarding, he says, than a patient who is so overjoyed at how his or her life has improved that they can’t tell their story without shedding a few tears. He knows just how that feels because he has experienced it himself, and understands what a blessing it is. “I think about those moments,” Brown says, “every time I go out to play basketball with my grandson.”

Gold Winner in Chiropractor
Gold Winner in Chiropractic Services
Silver Winner in Physical Therapist
Silver Winner in Massage Therapist—Male
Silver Winner in Massage Therapist—Female

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