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Pannell Construction is changing the landscape of construction through community partnerships and a commitment to growth

Pannell Construction, a dynamic construction company in Knoxville, is making waves in the construction industry with its unique approach to business. Founded by Isaac Pannell, the company’s story is one of rapid growth and a commitment to building more than just structures; they build partnerships.

A licensed general contractor, the company specializes in both residential and commercial construction. They take pride in helping businesses gain visibility and in working alongside architects to showcase their projects. Their portfolio includes business expansions, such as the coming Orange Hat Brewing Company’s East Knoxville location where they are working with architects at Benefield-Richter. They’re also a key player—alongside Johnson Architecture, Studio Four, The Architecture Collaborative, and Design Innovations Architecture— in the transformation of the Kerns Food Hall, where they’ve handled more than 80 percent of the tenant buildouts. Pannell Construction is driven by a desire to see small businesses thrive.

Their involvement in projects like Kerns Food Hall reflects this ethos. With 30 different tenants at the Food Hall, developer Alex Dominguez says that Isaac has been a “catalyst” in opening on time. His understanding of small business and willingness to collaborate have been key. “These are not Target and Home Depot, these are mom-and-pop [shops],” Alex says, “and he’s been very conscientious about how he approaches it.”

Before opening Pannell Construction, Isaac took a year to work closely with his wife, who owns Flourish Flowers, gaining a firsthand understanding of the challenges small businesses face. He later assembled a team of seasoned professionals to start his own company, where his vision goes far beyond constructing buildings; it’s about empowering others. “We don’t see projects as just construction jobs,” Isaac says, “we view them as collaborations with clients, architects, developers, and small business owners.”

This commitment to building partnerships has paid off. “We were able to say ‘yes’ to a wide variety of projects because I have experienced construction managers, good systems and processes and solid back-office support. We were able to grow fast while maintaining our quality, communication, and the core values of our company.”

Isaac and his team are keenly aware that their success isn’t solely their own doing. They extend their gratitude to architects, developers, clients, and those who refer them. They understand the significance of these relationships and actively show appreciation to everyone who has helped shape their journey.

And they show their gratitude right back. “I could not be more delighted that on his own… tenants have chosen [Isaac],” Alex says about the Kerns Food Hall, “based on his pricing, his response, his personal communication, and his commitment to do whatever it takes to get these tenants open on time.”

In a rapidly growing construction market, Pannell Construction’s unique business approach, focus on partnerships, and commitment to quality have set them on a trajectory of success. They are not just constructing buildings; they are building dreams and relationships within the Knoxville community. Isaac Pannell and his team at Pannell Construction are truly making a difference, one partnership at a time.

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