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Winning Best Salon for the 7th consecutive year and bringing home 10 medals

We believe that each and every person deserves to look as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside. We also believe that the path there should be both luxurious and affordable. The majority of our guests use the salon time not only as regular beauty maintenance, but also as an escape from the world, if even for a moment. At inception, Shane wanted to provide a relaxing, warm, and inviting atmosphere for guests that would make them feel at home. Even as the salon has grown, that commitment carries on today. At grow, we focus on quality, not quantity. We value each individual guest for who they are as a person, and we want to be part of their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Come to see us. Let us be part of your journey.

2023 Cityview Magazine, Inc. Shane Archer, Owner of Grow | Photo by Nathan Sparks


Gold Wins: Salon, Barbershop, Place to Work, Hair Stylist

Silver Win: Hair Colorist

“We have done it again, Knoxville, another year of Cityview’s Best of the Best titles to add to our portfolio, and we have you to thank for it.

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come as a team. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I was sitting patiently next to my mom, watching the intricacies of how she put on her make-up and styled her hair. Even as a child, I could feel how beautiful and confident she felt. I wanted others to feel that, too, and it was only a matter of time before I figured out that I had the very skills to be able to do that.

Today, alongside a team of 39, we’re doing that daily. Whether it’s for a cut, a color, an extension installation, a barber appointment, a keratin treatment, or something else, we take great pride in the role we play in helping people see their potential and feel their absolute best about themselves.

While I’m humbled by seeing the wins grow has secured in Cityview’s Best of the Best again this year, I find it prudent to note that these wins aren’t just about us; they are, first and foremost, about you. They represent how you feel when you leave the salon. How you see yourself when you allow yourself to be pampered or taken care of here. They matter because you matter, and grow has been lucky enough to have been apart of your journey as together we make the world more beautiful and confident.”

2023 Cityview Magazine, Inc. Jill Evans, Grow | Photo by Nathan Sparks


Gold Win: Hair Colorist

When a client chooses a color, Jill is the first person to coach them on how to choose one that’s right for them as an individual. “You have to educate your client on how to care for their hair,” she says. She utilizes everything she knows about a client—hair health, lifestyle, maintenance, skin tone, and hair product preferences—to help them decide and then maintain it.

“We have such an impact on each individual that steps into our salon,” Jill says, adding that the impact trickles down to her and the grow team, as they relish moments together collaborating to help bring happiness and peace to guests.”

“My success would not be possible without the loyalty my guests have shown me and the relationships I have maintained along the way,” Jill says. “Thank you for always trusting and believing in me.”

2023 Cityview Magazine, Inc. Rachel Archer, Grow | Photo by Nathan Sparks


Gold Win: Make-up Artist

Rachel is a firm believer that make-up is simply a tool to enhance the beautiful features you already have. But this industry is not a one-size-fits-all. “What works for one skin type may not work for yours,” she says. “You have to find what products you are comfortable using and what works for your skin type and skill.”

When guests come in for a session, it’s time spent educating. “I start with asking what they normally do and what the goal is for the achieved look,” Rachel says. Whether it’s for a wedding or someone looking to revamp their daily routine, she offers the expertise needed for guests to feel confident and comfortable.

“We live in a society where women especially are really hard on themselves,” Rachel says, “so anything that I can do to make them feel more confident, well, that makes my heart happy.”

Brooke Peterson, Grow | Photo by Nathan Sparks


Silver Win: Hair Stylist

Styling hair doesn’t always mean a simple cut. It can be something much more drastic for clients, and Brooke’s expertise in this arena help guests make the best decision they can. “There are so many things that go into the decisions of how to style someone’s hair,” she says, “but mostly a client’s lifestyle, their face shape, and the texture of their hair.”

Whether that translates into a drastic length cut, installing extensions, or a special layered style, Brooke knows what’s best for her clients, and ensures that their “why” is always at the forefront of the conversation.

Meaningful relationships rest at the heart of the work Brooke does at grow. “The opportunity to help someone feel better about themselves is the most rewarding aspect of what I do,” she says. “It could literally make that client’s day, week, month, or even year.”

2023 Cityview Magazine, Inc. Savannah Bruno, Grow | Photo by Nathan Sparks


Bronze Win: Hair Stylist

Savannah will always remember the people she’s worked with and the stories they’ve told. As she shares the stories, there’s a transformation that often emerges, and not just on the outside. “It really gives them a confidence boost and changes how they see themselves,” she explains.

It’s for this reason that Savannah takes her work at grow so seriously. “There are so many decision that go into styling a guest’s hair, giving them a style that fits their lifestyle,” she says. “Together, we consider things such as how much time they have to spend on their hair when they style it and what style will make them feel best about themselves, whether that is giving them face framing to compliment their face shape or layers to encourage volume and movement in their hair.

”And in the end, that time spent matters. “They are putting their trust in me.”

2023 Cityview Magazine, Inc. Brent Wilkins, Grow | Photo by Nathan Sparks


Gold Win: Barber

Lifestyle, generation, the event at hand are all factors that determine a clients potential style, as are hairline, growth patterns, and fullness of the hair. And at a consultation with Brent, they are just some of the elements that are discussed. “I’ve found, over time it’s most becoming to embrace your hair’s natural growth pattern and unusual habits,” he says. “Don’t fight your hair; work with it. With time, the best length, or style will be created.”

This sheds light on a key aspect of the grow model: this salon is not a one-stop-shop. Brent and his fellow barbers work to build relationships with clients, giving them a safe space to explore possibilities utilizing a modern take on classic barbering services. “If you feel unsure about your hair, come find me. We can find a style, color and/or cut that brings out your innermost beauty.”

2023 Cityview Magazine, Inc. Grow Salon | Photo by Nathan Sparks

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Everyone deserves the grow experience. With a variety of services and pricing tiers, not to mention an eclectic team of stylists, there is truly something for everyone at grow.

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