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Hilltop Retreat

Country and suburban styles blend together to create a family sanctuary, nestled in the hills of East Tennessee Up on the patio of Benny and Carol’s bright hilltop home, surrounded by a plush couch and warmed by a stone fireplace,

Summer Oasis

A French Provincial home on Fort Loudoun Lake welcomes family and friends for a summer of fun—and then some There are moments after you move into a new house where you feel at once at home. All the noise around you subsides and you find

The Perfect Storm

A look at the conditions that made the Knoxville housing market leap to new levels  Laura Slyman has been playing the real estate game for the last 22 years. A second-generation real estate agent who swore she’d never get into the

Fix & Flip

Buying and Selling in a Changing Real Estate Market Suppose you are the handy sort and have done a little remodeling. You have a friend who flipped a house and made $50,000 in profit. Sounds like easy money. So you start searching for a