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Comfort Classics

When the Porsche is next to the painter's van and the Mercedes pulls up beside the motorcycle in the parking lot, you know you've picked a great place to eat. It's common to see suits sitting near coveralls at Knoxville's favorite small

East Meets Knox

The South has a glorious culinary tradition. Growing up, there were never too many days that went by without cornbread, black-eyed peas, or something else distinctly regional. While it’s hard to beat mom’s home cooking, Knoxville is lucky

Delectable Donuts

As the holiday season closes in, many of us find our sweet tooth kicking into overdrive. With so many options, it’s always comforting to fall back on a great American staple, the donut. Simple in its conception, the challenge lies in its

Eat. Drink. Play.

The bowling alleys and arcades of yesteryear have nothing on our picks for this issue. We found four establishments where Knoxvillians can let their hair down for some good old-fashioned fun and games with stellar grub to match, like the

Smoothie Bowls

The trend of turning a drinkable smoothie into an edible bowl has quickly grown in popularity. New to the idea? The difference is that these smoothies tend to be of a thicker consistency (a.k.a. more filling) and may include chia seeds,

Food Trucks

What was once a construction rental lot, is now a food truck community. Owners Alden and Scott Larrick moved to the area from Austin, Texas in 2016 and noticed that something was missing. In their hometown, food truck parks were common and