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East Tennessee’s latest restaurants have us lining up for a spot at the table

There are few things east Tennesseans love more than a new restaurant. And buddy, do we show up. Crowded foyers, loaded tables, and the fight to survive that all-important first year have the latest eateries in town clamoring for your business. Here are six of the newest restaurants that need to see you in their place tonight. You will not be disappointed with any of them!

Blackberry Farm
Ale Rae Gastropub
Potchke Deli
Loco Burro
Point B Eatery


At a time when several local japanese restaurants have bailed out of traditional fare and gone “poke and ramen” on us, it’s nice to have a non-chain, sit down restaurant serving elevated Japanese food. And after that build-up I’m going to tell you about a burger? Yes I am. Have you ever ordered something and then wished you had ordered what your friend across the table ordered? While I was noshing on the delectable and perfectly prepared Duck Bulgogi, my dining partner was kind enough to split his A5 Wagyu Burger. I’m just going to say this: it was the best burger I have ever almost threatened someone’s life over. It’s. That good. Coming out of the Nama family of restaurants, you know the menu is to die for. 

416 Clinch Ave.  |  (865) 253-7400

Blackberry Farm Brewery & Taproom

This is a food guide, this is a food guide. BEER! Ok, now back to the food. A resort known worldwide for its food and professional culinary spawn just had to open a taproom with some of the best small batch Belgian style beers in the region, didn’t they? So Blackberry Farm went ahead and put as much time and effort into creating their beer line-up as they did making sure their resort is world class. I mean, if they didn’t, would they have a Wood Wizard on staff? I think not. So, is the food an afterthought here? It is at some breweries, but don’t tell the BLT Burger and the Fish Tacos. The food is as good as the beer. Would you expect anything less from Blackberry Farm?

106 Everett Ave.  |  (865) 724-2088

Ale Rae’s Gastropub

Another Knoxville restaurant named for the owner’s children (see OliBea). Doting Dad Dave has daughter Allie in the front of the house, and daughter Rachel in the back of the house whipping up “Elegant Comfort” in a rustic environment that started as a food truck in 2016. With live music every night, innovative drinks like an Old Fashioned with a fig in it and cutting edge cuisine flying out of the kitchen, Ale’ Rae’s has made the transition from street to brick-and-mortar seamlessly. The honey-drizzled toasted sourdough with wild berry tomato compote, chipotle raspberry cream cheese, and smoked gouda spread with candied bacon crumbles is why Chef Dave never eats a meal, just snacks on toast all day! You’ll be eating many meals, and snacks, at Ale’ Rae’s. 

937 N. Broadway  |  (865) 924-2426

Potchke Deli

I’ve lost track of all the people that have come out of Blackberry Farm and spread out across east Tennessee, filling tables with amazing food. Now here comes Laurence Faber, planning Potchke Deli as a pop-up to only be convinced that he better stick around as Knoxville needed a Jewish deli. Biding his time until he can open an eastern European restaurant, he and Emily Williams have created a comfortable nook in historic Regas Square. Vegetables, cured fish, dips, and breads populate the traditional and not-so-traditional Jewish menu. And let’s not forget the sumptuous bobka that you may have only read about or seen on TV. Consider yourself lucky that you won’t have to travel to a major city to get good lox. 

Pro Tip: Search the Potchke website for a subtle Seinfeld reference!

318 N. Gay St., Suite 103

Loco Burro

No, NOT Gatlinburg… the mall! I always find myself craving Loco Burro anytime I get to the mountains and it was always worth the two-hour drive. If you wondered what was going to save the mall, here it is! We haven’t been blessed with a lot of good Tex-Mex in east Tennessee until now. From the time the chimichurri hits the table with warm tortilla chips until the end of the meal when you amble over to the ice cream bar, the experience is spectacular. With rooftop views and entertainment, locally owned Loco Burro rides into town when gas prices demand we stay close to home. Pro Tip: As a corn on the cob freak, I could have made a meal out of the mesquite grilled corn with the garlic lime aioli and cotija cheese. I will next time!

7600 Kingston Pike, Suite 1040B | (865) 253-7555

Point B  

There is only one letter that matters at Point B. I’ll give you three guesses. Here’s a hint. {B}runch, {B}oards, {B}ourbon. Not many restaurants serve {B}runch every day. Point B does. Honestly, charcuterie was something I thought you only saw on Instagram, but Point B showed me what a REAL {B}oard is. There’s no chance I could do these boards any justice in such little time here, just understand the line out the door isn’t for the view of the apartment complex across the street. And you’ll wonder why Point B didn’t check your ID before you got the {B}ourbon Banana Pudding. Pro Tip: Ask owner Dan Goss to tell you the story of the name of Point B because it involves ducks. And who doesn’t love a good duck story? 
1020 Ebenezer Road  |  (865) 312-9590

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