The Big Give: Why and how to donate on Nov. 29

Photo Courtesy of United Way

Feeling thankful for the blessings you’ve been given? Ready to share your gratitude with the organizations that help others? The Big Give, Knoxville’s 24-hour online giving campaign to raise money for local nonprofits, is coming on Nov. 29. 

The Big Give, organized through the United Way, brings local nonprofits together on a common giving platform. Prior to its start, some nonprofits participated in its predecessor, Giving Tuesday, with efforts on their own. But there was a lot of competition and not a lot of return for their efforts, says Brewton Brownlow Couch, chief strategy officer for the United Way. In 2019, the Big Give began, and nonprofits could join the united effort for free. United Way pays for the online platform. Participating nonprofits share marketing materials and messages. Donors can give to multiple nonprofits with just one transaction on the website

Last year the Big Give raised $340,000 for local nonprofits. Couch says Tremont Institute was among those that raised the most money by engaging their donors throughout the day. “Truly, nonprofits get out of it what they put into it. Some don’t do a lot of promotion or sharing. Some hustle, and they raise a ton of money.”

This year’s Big Give kicks off with a breakfast at The Standard on Nov. 29. Tickets are $10 and are available here. Attendees can pop in between 8 and 10 am. 

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