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Creating Your Dream House

Making concessions in your home for storage isn’t a must—Closet Factory in Alcoa has figured out the formula to making storage something you’ll love

If you ever thought custom closet design was only for closets, well, this may be the happiest article you’ve read in a long time. If you’re in a house that just feels too cluttered or outdated, Closet Factory in Alcoa can turn the “wrong” house into the “right” house.

     “If your house is like mine,” says, Daniel Nigolian, local Closet Factory owner, “older and the spaces are smaller, we can relocate laundry hampers, mirrors, ironing boards, and dressers, all to a closet in a space-efficient way. Some want the closet of their dreams, but many people are really just trying to make the space they have work because they can’t get into the larger house they want or need.”

Closet Factory Garage Project

Closet Factory offers a whole lot more than closets. They design, manufacture and install custom storage solutions for any space, residential or commercial. Adding custom doors can make any storage area look clean and polished. More space in bedrooms can be found with wallbeds and built-ins. In kitchens, the company can add pantries and upper cabinets. They can even make your garage look good enough to eat in. And all of their products have a Lifetime Warranty to go with them.  

A Faith Led Landing

“I just retired from the military in July 2022,” Nigolian says. “I was in the Air Force for 21 years as a Logistics Officer. I’m a born-again believer and a family man.” 

Closet Factory Project

Daniel and his wife, Coral, had lived all around the world, from North Pole, Alaska, to Singapore. It wasn’t until they found themselves in Virginia when they began to “prayerfully consider” where to start a business with their family. There were many territories open for Closet Factory, but they began to hear good things about the Knoxville area. 

They had a couple visit their church who had moved from Maryville to Virginia Beach. He was a Navy Reservist who had gotten activated; Daniel told him they were thinking about moving to Maryville. 

“He said, ‘I can’t wait to get back. As soon as I’m done with my tour, we’ll go straight back.’” Nigolian recalls. “We never saw those people again. But a lot of hints were dropped that made a move to East Tennessee feel right.” They pulled the trigger in March of 2022, with their faith leading the way. “I moved the family, to somewhere I’ve never been, to do something I’ve never done and put our life savings into it. I just felt this is where God was leading.” 

Design Done Right

Closet Factory Wall Unit Project

Closet Factory’s territory is vast. It includes three counties in Virginia, goes a little over halfway to Chattanooga, up to the North Carolina line and then past Kingston. But it’s homebase is Alcoa, where they manufacture their own products, not something you often find in the industry.

“Owning the manufacturing piece means we own the problem, and the solution” Nigolian says.  “If something doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, we can make it right that day.  You don’t have to wait three months, going back in the cue at a centralized facility in some other state or country to fix an issue.”

“Basically, a designer will come out to your house to do a free design and quote. It’s going to take 90 minutes. If you ever want to do a social experiment, get a quote from one of my designers and anybody else. The competition will be in and out in 20 minutes leaving you with a largely canned design. And I don’t know how they do it. Because if you’re going to measure every obstruction, every floor vent, every outlet, if you’re going to measure how much long hanging you have, how much short hanging, how many pairs of shoes multiplied by the widest pair of shoes, if you’re going to do all that and design it correctly in front of the customer onsite, it’s going to take time. Once we finish that design, I know it’s going to fit what you want it to, with room to grow.”

Something You’ll Love

So many people are stuck with “making it work” in their homes, but that doesn’t always have to mean conceding to the space. “We can help with that. And that gives us a sense of purpose. It’s not about the glitz and the glamour—although that’s great for those who want it—it’s about giving our customers something they love, and making that space fit their life, not the other way around.”


206 S. Calderwood St., Knoxville, TN 37801

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