Core Change Fitness


Welcome to Core Change! We are so glad you are interested in learning more about our community and method. Core Change is a locally, family-owned Lagree fitness studio that is on a serious mission to help you find your inner power and create the strongest version of yourself. We believe that at your core you are infinite potential. Your core is physically and energetically your power center. Through our core-centric method, you will tap into your inner-strength and create a powerful mind-body experience for the best total body workout! At Core Change, you will be challenged and supported by magnetic coaches who will push you to reach your personal best through high intensity, low impact, intentional movements. Your results will be unparalleled. We are excited to help you unlock your full potential and find your inner power – you are so much stronger than you think!

Here’s to reaching your goals together! Let’s get started!

-The Core Change Team

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