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Josh Lovelace’s solo project creates space for families to listen together

I’ve hit the point as a parent where song requests from my one-year-old are a regular occurrence. Music is my life, but even I can admit it’s tough to listen to Baby Shark on repeat. That’s why local songwriter Josh Lovelace’s solo project, Young Folk, is a welcome listen.

Josh released his first album, Young Folk, back in 2017, debuting a new genre for both parent and child alike. The lyrics are easily accessible for children, yet purposefully written and well-produced for the adult ear to enjoy. 

Josh was born and raised in Knoxville. He grew up in church with both parents on staff, where he cut his teeth on performing. “It was the thing I just really fell in love with early on, and I’ve never wavered,” he says. 

After graduating high school, he began touring immediately. “Anybody that would have a keyboard player at the time, that was all I was doing,” he says. “I was just available.” Then in 2011, a call came through from Christian rock band Needtobreathe, asking if he would play piano for them in the studio—tomorrow. He drove to Charleston to record on their album, The Reckoning. “I got the call a couple months later to go on tour with them with Taylor Swift.” Josh has been with Needtobreathe ever since.

When his first child was born in 2013­—he has two now—he spent time recording songs for him, “so as he grows up with me on the road 150-plus days a year, he’ll always be able to hear my voice before he goes to bed every night,” Josh says. “I didn’t have any plans to do anything other than that.” But the songs took on a life of their own. “I just wanted to create a space for families to listen to music that they enjoyed together, that wasn’t just for kids or just for grownups, but for the family.” 

Josh released his second solo album, Growing Up, just before the pandemic hit. His third album, Moonwalking, released this summer, right before Needtobreathe’s next tour. It maintains that authentic sound and down-to-earth accessible lyrics found in both his first two solo albums. You can hear more of his music at  

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