Frank Aloise




Braciolini di Manzo, con Couscous di Cavolfiore: Braised stuff beef rolls, with roasted cauliflower couscous.


Orange and White Cassata Cake, with blood orange gastrique and cardamom-dusted pistachios.

For Frank Aloise, it all started when he was a young boy, growing up in a large Italian-Sicilian family where food was the center of the family experience. “I was the eight-year-old kid who loved going shopping with his mother, and helping prepare food for family events, he says.” Those roots show up in the variety of ingredients available on the menu at Cappuccino’s.

Aloise celebrates the choices available at Top Chefs, and emphasizes what that says about the food experiences available in Knoxville. “The more choices you have, the better,” he says. “You get to try a little bit of everything.”

Favorite Food to Eat: “Pizza. It’s gotta be thin crust; it’s gotta be light and crusty; the marinara sauce on it has to be great. That’s my go-to food.”

Favorite Food to Prepare: “I’m a big chicken guy. Twice a week, I make my family a roasted chicken with sweet potatoes, red onion, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh herbs. Sometimes we add peppers; sometimes we add olives. It’s what we call Sicilian-style chicken. I really enjoy preparing that because my children love it, and anyone coming over for dinner enjoys it as well.”

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