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Wearing Orange and White Right


Famed costume designer Edith Head, who dressed such stars as Ginger Rogers, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn, once said that “you can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” She should know; she won eight Academy Awards for her designs. Given her string of success, it might be that the Vols’ gridiron performance depends just a little on what you wear when watching the game, whether you’re in your home, at a tailgate, or in the stadium seats. If you’re committed to a winning UT season, therefore, you’ll want to dress the part and wear something beyond khaki shorts and an orange t-shirt that’s seen better days.

Game day is more than just wearing your favorite team’s colors; it’s about wearing pride and wearing it with class and panache. You can get an orange ball cap almost anywhere, but where can you go to put together the right game day fashion? You are going to be far more concerned about comfort by the end of the game than about those heels you swore matched best. Cityview took the time to pick out elegant looks, with comfort in mind, that will help you support your winning team—we’ve got some suggestions on what to wear to achieve the “Rocky Top” look in style.

For our shoot, All Occasions Party Rentals erected a giant tent and provided couches, tables, a grill, and everything else necessary to stage a successful tailgate. Alumni Hall, in addition to providing some of our fashion clothing, allowed us to use many UT accessories, including a portable UT bar. The Casual Pint Hardin Valley loaned us a keg and portable tap setup to make things look picture perfect for an afternoon spent preparing for the big game.

From Left to Right:

INA MARIE: Janice Ann’s—Katherine Barclay cream knit dress, $168; Simon Sebbag necklace, $398; Darcy persimmon cross body clutch, $98; Grace mango poncho, $85.

TYLER: Alumni Hall—Turtleson quarter-zip grey “T” sweater, $175; Turtleson performance gingham check shirt, $120; flat front orange pants, $70.

LAUREN: Altar’d State—Retro Brand Tennessee t-shirt, $45; white lace bralette, $20; medium wash distressed jeans, $60; golden rings, $20/set of ten; Statement gold bangles, $13 each, Tennessee hat, $30.

CASSIDY: Altar’d State—Tennessee orange spaghetti strap top with bow and ruffle, $45; grey “Parker” skinny distressed jeans, $60; dark wash denim jacket, $70; golden rings, $20/set of ten; gold filigree earrings, $11, rose gold long chain know necklace, $20.

MARCELLA: Altar’d State—Concrete gray off-shoulder sweater, $70; “Jolt” distressed jeans, $60; silver oval hoop earrings, $11; leather and stone wrap bracelet, $20, silver rings, $20/set of ten.

OLIVIA: Alumni Hall—3/4-sleeve color block t-top, $40; Altar’d State—dark denim skinny jeans, $60.

NATHAN: Alumni Hall—“Down the Field” gray t-shirt, $15; power-T orange shorts, $60

LAURA: Folly—Savvy Design by Savannah Johnson orange and cream print blouse, $60; KanCan white denim crop pants, $40; Three Sisters leather and metal bracelets, $12 and $15; Three Sisters leather tassel necklace, $25.

BRIAN: Boyd Thomas—Bobby Jones orange quarter-zip sweater, $125; houndstooth plaid shirt, $88; Grand River stretch denim traditional fit khaki jeans, $68.

JEAN: Janice Ann’s—“Simpli” titanium energy tunic with ¾ sleeve, $194; “Simpli” titanium energy pants, $189; “Hobo” persimmon leather clutch; leather and pearl woven necklace with tassel, $264.

RHEA: Alumni Hall—Columbia orange short-sleeve shirt, $50; Nike Vols cap, $26.

BRIAN: Alumni Hall—Turtleson storm quarter-zip pullover, $95; Volunteer Traditions orange tri-star pocket-t, $30; Nike visor, $24.

LAURA: Janice Ann’s—Gretchen Scott orange tank with tassels, $109; Parker Smith “bombshell crop” jeans, $178; wood and mixed media graphic print necklace, $78.

JEAN: Alumni Hall—Escapada Living orange and white hexagonal print dress, $76; Fan Flirties earrings, $15; 1st & Gorgeous three-row stretch bracelet, $16; Occasionally Made necklace, $15; clear small crossbody purse, $28.

TYLER: Boyd Thomas—Peter Millar three button knit shirt, $78; Grand River stretch denim traditional fit jeans, $68.

MARCELLA: Alumni Hall—Nike dark gray heathered full-zip hoodie, $70. Folly—orange cami, $10. Altar’d State—black skinny jeans, $60.

NATHAN: Alumni Hall—Southern Tide long-sleeve orange t-shirt, $46. Boyd Thomas—Peter Millar drape stretch shorts, $100.

CASSIDY: Folly—Kancan distressed jeans, $40; orange v-neck t-shirt, $30; white bralet, $18; Janet Trewhitt beaded game day bracelets, $8 and $10.

LAUREN: Altar’d State—“Knoxville” tank top, $40; charcoal long-sleeve vest, $70; black moto leggings, $50; silver filigree earrings, $13; beaded bangle bracelets $13-$20; silver rings, $20/set of ten.

INA MARIE: Alumni Hall—Woolly Threads gray Tennessee woolly, $60; clear crossbody purse, $30. Altar’d State—feather distressed jeans, $60.

LAURA: Boyd Thomas—Paige white shirt, $85; Liverpool crop jean, $79; Alashan orange fringe topper, $70; Zenzi cuff bracelet, $24; Zenzii orange stone and gold bracelet, $30.

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