Freshwater Fashion

Photography by Bryan Allen

Ever since Coco Chanel unveiled her classic Breton striped shirt, the stylishly-inclined have been clamoring for comfortable yet fashionable ways to add a sense of aquatic adventure to their summer wardrobes. Summer is the perfect time for a chic staycation, spending a day relaxing on the water in looks for the lake sourced from local shops around Knoxville.

Nine lakes surround the metropolitan area, and chances are that some weekend soon you might find yourself planning a day of leisurely boating–or tagging along on a friend’s boat. But how to dress for such an event? Gone are the days of copycat sailor outfits and Dixie cup hats. Instead, today’s boat-wear reconciles style and functionality. Stay cool in the Tennessee sun while looking your best, in outfits that can transition from boating to however you choose to enjoy Knoxville’s summertime nightlife after your day on the water.

Floppy hats and white-soled shoes in hand, the Cityview staff set out at 6 a.m. to meet our models who had been perfectly styled by Susan Bordeau. The team watched in awe as consummate senior photographer Bryan Allen leapt onto narrow beams and dangled off docks, coming within inches of tumbling into the lake in an effort to get the perfect shot. The results speak for themselves. Aquaknox Marine was kind enough to allow us use of two of their boats at the Fox Road Marina.  Our captains were generous in ferrying us around the marina, not for a weekend’s boating adventure but on a slow chase of the illusive light needed for beautiful portraits. Hopefully, we have assembled looks that will inspire your wardrobe for the sunny days ahead.

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