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Every day at Garza Law Firm, PLLC, we receive calls from current and future clients on a wide variety of topics, from the simplest of questions to more complex issues. For more complex cases, we invite those clients in to have a conversation with one of our attorneys to determine the best move forward that is both positive and effective.

Here, I address the top three questions we receive calls on at Garza Law, hopefully, one of which will help get you started should you ever find yourself in one of these situations.

1. Do you charge for Civil or Social Security Disability cases?

Here at Garza Law, we do charge for representation of our civil clients in a wide array of negligence cases. Our fee is commonly referred to as a “contingency fee” and is based on a percentage of any settlement or award. 

Generally speaking, an attorney fee is one-third (1/3) of the recovery. In our Social Security Disability cases, an attorney fee must be approved by the Administrative Law Judge with the Social Security Administration. Generally, a standard fee will be 25 percent of back benefits awarded to our client, not to exceed $6,000.00. 

If a case goes on to Federal Court, then we will file a fee petition that will allow an attorney fee to exceed the $6,000.00 cap; however, any attorney fee award must still be approved by the Administrative Law Judge. 

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2. Is it possible to get unsupervised probation?

Unsupervised probation is a common alternative to incarceration. However, the availability of an agreement of unsupervised probation is largely dependent on the type of criminal charge you are facing. This is a great question to come into our office for, as our attorneys can sit down with you to go over the breadth of your history to better understand what those options might be for you. 

At Garza Law, you will never feel judgment from our team. That is not our job. Our job is to work alongside you to come up with the best—and most positive—move forward. With empathy as one of our firm’s core values, we welcome new clients in to a safe space to talk freely and garner the representation needed to help.

3. Is it possible to simply go to traffic school to get a motor vehicle ticket dismissed?

To put it simply, yes. Traffic school is most certainly an option to have a ticket dismissed. However, generally speaking, a judge must first grant you permission to attend traffic school in order to have your ticket dismissed. 

Whether or not a judge grants you permission depends on a number of factors such as your driving record, the violations alleged in your ticket, and the type of license you have. 

This is another great example of a time when our attorneys invite clients in to Garza Law to go through their history and prepare them for the likely decision that will be made in court.

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