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Reimagining the Heart of the Home

K&P Remodeling helps East Tennesseans discover new kitchens that transform spaces and breathe new life into customer homes

Story by Matt McGarry | Photography by Nathan Sparks

I have been in the home improvement business since I was about 24 years old,” says Ken Baer, partner in Knoxville’s K&P Remodeling. “Together with Pattie – Pattie Capezza, my business partner – we have about 50 years of combined experience.” 

Back in the 2000’s, Baer and Capezza started a flooring company which, in eight years and with quite a lot of hard work, they’d grown into a $19 million business. They and their team enjoyed tremendous success, as well as a number of awards that included Entrepreneur Magazine recognition three years in a row, until the economy tanked in 2008. 

While they no longer had a business, they came away with something more important: the knowledge and confidence that they could do it again.

A Fresh Start

Starting over was no small task. “It took a lot of endurance and perseverance,” Capezza says of when they opened K&P Remodeling back in 2012. “We made sure that we knew that we had a goal, and we were going to meet that goal.” That year, they were given the opportunity to do a joint venture with Home Depot to do cabinet refacing in 14 stores in and around Knoxville, Tennessee. “That was the catalyst to get us going,” Baer says. 

Today, with their headquarters still based in Knoxville, the K&P team work with 103 Home Depot stores across seven states doing not only cabinet refacing, but also closet makeovers and replacement windows.

Reimagined Spaces

Whether the customer connection comes from Home Depot or direct from the community, the K&P team works with homeowners through the entire process helping them select the options that breathe new life into their existing kitchens, such as colors, door styles, hinges, and soft-close glides. “If you look at the kitchen, you don’t know that it was not a total remodel,” Capezza says.

There are a host of reasons why customers contact K&P, whether it’s their limitless design options, unparalleled customer service, or competitive pricing. There’s also the actual installation: K&P installers are in and out of the house in just three to five days. “In a nutshell, a homeowner can have a brand new kitchen in just six weeks,” Baer says, “which can change the look and feel of their entire home.”

The team at K&P is well-staffed, with about 15 working in their Knoxville office, 10 working in their Knoxville call center, 24 salespeople, and 24 installers. That means that clients always get the prompt, personal service that is just one more factor that sets K&P Remodeling apart from the rest. “We are backed and licensed by Home Depot in 11 states,” Capezza says. “Our customers can rest assured that the workers in their home are vetted, insured professionals.”

Put all of this together and it’s a far cry from many of the company’s competitors. “I’ve heard lots of disaster stories, homeowners going without a kitchen for up to six months,” Baer says. “Imagine not having a kitchen. I’ve heard stories where homeowners are using a bucket as a sink and an upstairs bathroom sink to wash their dishes.”

K&P ensures the customer experience is always the most exceptional, whether they are going through the design process or the installers are in the building working.

A Job Well Done

It’s evident that Baer, Capezza, and their entire team love what they do and take great pride in a job well done. “I love to talk to a customer once a job is completed,” Baer says. “A new kitchen can really change a person’s life and they’re always so grateful and excited. It really makes my day.”


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