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Meagan McReynolds is committed to elevating the craftsmanship of East Tennessee

Knox Finishing Company began with a stay-at-home mom, a brush, and a budget. For Meagan McReynolds, learning to apply the perfect finish wasn’t so much a way to make money as it was to save money, at least at first. But every project she’s worked on since – for herself, her friends, and her neighbors – was a step further on her journey. That initial project repainting her furniture quickly became a passion, and that passion eventually became a profession. Now, Meagan has become one of region’s premier finishers: “This whole time I’ve wanted to elevate the craftsmanship in Knoxville.”

Though she’s been a regular in Cityview’s Top 3 Faux Finishers, Meagan would categorize herself as a decorative painter, specializing in kitchen cabinet refinishing using factory grade products. “I’m certified in using Fine Paints of Europe products, which I’m really proud of,” she says. “It’s extremely high end paint.” Meagan saw the need in the community for high-end cabinet refinishing, and she has put the work in over the last decade to become a local expert in her field.

“I was seeing that people felt like they weren’t getting bang for their buck,” she says. High-end finishers were out of the price range for most of the people she knew, and the budget jobs just weren’t up to par. She takes the work and elevates it. “We spray onsite, so the client is getting the factory results of new cabinets, in house, locally, without waiting six months on a lead time,” she explains of her process. “Nobody else is refinishing with quality products and tolls like ours in Knoxville.”

All these years later, that is still her goal: to provide high-end service that is unmatched. While she once worked in her home office, she has since had a dedicated workshop, and whenever she’s not out on location, you can find her here, experimenting with new techniques or putting the finishing touch on her latest piece.

Meagan’s company has come a long way from its humble beginnings, but for her, keeping that intimate touch is important. Knox Finishing Co always has small crews on each job.

“It’s so hands-on and involved. All the finishes are my finishes,” Meagan says. “We do one at a time and we do them right.”

This personal attention to detail means that she can guarantee quality and durability for every client. It also lets her interact more closely with her clients and bring to life exactly what they want from their finishes. Knoxville offers so many opportunities to create unique, high-quality products, whether she’s following the latest trends or doing something more outside the box, and she wants to make sure every client gets the most out of her work.

“People don’t even realize what they can get in Knoxville,” she says.

She’s personally always favored organic looks and blonde wood, but every project is unique, and while some work well with that simple, old-fashioned finish, others beg for something more modern or dramatic. High gloss and metallic finishes are some of her favorite projects to work on. Regardless of what the project demands, Meagan has the tools to make it happen, and do it quickly and effectively. She is confident that she can bring every client’s vision herself to elevate what it means to be a decorative painter.

Silver Winner : Faux Finishing


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