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Raising the Bar in Orthopaedic Treatment

Accidents happen in life, and when they are acute orthopaedic injuries such as breaks, sprains and strains–they need immediate, highly specialized care. Often, the initial treatment decision will have permanent ramifications on the final outcome. In the past, emergency rooms and walk in clinics were the only options. KOC’s injury clinics change all that. With expanded hours, access to these highly trained specialists is readily available to anyone.

This service is available in two locations; Fort Sanders West and in Dowell Springs on Old Weisgarber Rd. The Fort Sanders West location takes walk-ins Monday-Thursday 4-8pm, while the Old Weisgarber location is open Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm. Both clinic’s entrances are in the back of the building for quick, great parking and easy access for the primary treatment of acute injuries. Appointments for long term care should still be scheduled through the main clinic.

According to Dr. Cameron Sears, Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, reception to the clinics has been positive. “As soon as we turned on the faucet, the flow started coming. We are seeing a high rate of patient satisfaction and more and more people are utilizing the service.” Dr. Cameron Sears also states “having access to an orthopaedic specialist without an appointment creates immediate access to the best care. This is something really awesome for our community that adds an option for people with these specific type of injuries.”

Chanda Burkey, a mother of 4 child athletes, has had a few occasions to visit the injury clinic. “During one football game, my son Cade walked off the field with what we thought might be a broken hand.” she says, “One of the KOC doctors was at the game and after his initial diagnosis sent us directly to KOC’s injury clinic and they got us in right away, finished diagnosing him and casted his hand. It was all taken care of so quickly, unlike an emergency room visit.”

Having quick access to orthopaedic specialists gives her peace of mind when one of her children is injured.

KOC has provided caregivers at sporting events at the University of Tennessee since 1949 and local high schools for over 15 years. The injury clinic’s expanded hours give them a place to send injured athletes to get the proper care without having to wait.

The KOC injury clinics have comprehensive resources that allow them to treat patients of all ages, from 2 years old to geriatrics. The level of care is the best available in the area. Dr. Paul Becker, KOC orthopaedic surgeon, says “We not only have the specialists, but we back it up with state-of-the-art technology. Patient records can be accessed by our providers from anywhere via our secure private network. It’s truly information at our fingertips, knowing the medical history of the patient enables me to ensure the best treatment plan. Everyone is always in the loop and that ensures the best quality of care.”

When it comes to getting immediate treatment for acute orthopaedic injuries KOC’s injury clinics truly raise the bar. Coming from an organization that has provided the very finest in orthopaedic care in our community for decades we would expect nothing less.

KOC Injury Clinics
1422 Old Weisgarber Rd.
Monday – Friday 8am-8pm
260 Fort Sanders W Blvd (Bldg #6)
Monday – Thursday 4pm-8pm

Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic
Main Number: (865) 558-4400
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