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Over 55 percent of Americans take a prescription and most of those take four, on average, plus over-the-counter medications.* The number of prescriptions filled went up 85 percent between 1997 and 2016.** No one is more aware or concerned about this trend than the healthcare professionals at Mac’s Pharmacy. “We are upping our commitment to medication management and compliance for our entire community and our patients,” says Elisa Crawford, Human Resources Manager at Mac’s.

So how is Mac’s demonstrating their commitment to medication management? Picture the typical senior tasked with taking multiple medications, making sure they don’t get misplaced, and most critically, taking the proper dosage at the proper time. At Mac’s, medications are packaged to make taking medications accurate and simple. With Mac’s medication strip-packs, or MacPacks, doses are clearly marked with the date and time of day that the medication must be taken.

To make things even easier, Mac’s offers free local delivery for our MacPacks and sync patients in Knox, Anderson, and Blount counties. Mac’s also provides patients with a very specialized service called medication compounding. Dosages can take the form of lozenges, gels, tablets, syrups, and even lollipops. Compounding is an important service as it enables your pharmacist to individualize treatment. He or she can customize the dosage, provide you with a medication that is discontinued or hard to find, and simply make your medication more user friendly.

A pharmacy is much more than a place to get your prescription filled. At Mac’s, your pharmacist “cares just as much about keeping you healthy as helping you recover from an illness,” says Elisa Crawford. “We’re very involved in the community and helping to keep the members of our community healthy. In that effort, we support many local non-profits and offer classes on how to live better with certain health conditions, such as our free monthly diabetes education classes. We even offer free monthly supplies of vitamins for kids. We love our patients and really want to keep them healthy!”

Gold Winner in Pharmacist
Gold Winner in Compounding Pharmacy

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