Behind the Cover

Cityview wanted to capture Ott DeFoe in his element. With the weather on our side, we set out for Blaine, Tennessee. With two boats, three cameras, seven sets of hands, and one eager Ott, we were able to capture this fisherman in all his glory.  Throughout the shoot, we caught glimpses of why this family man works so hard and what inspires him to keep doing what he loves. Turn to page 120 to read his exclusive interview with Cityview Magazine.

Special appreciation to Bryan Allen and Jalynn Baker of PopFizz for going above and beyond to capture the beautiful highlights provided by natural light. Thanks to Jalynn’s contortionist efforts behind the reflector, BA was able to reel in the light for some amazing shots. Also, we offer our gratitude to Cody Walters of PopFizz for shooting the Bassmaster Classic images.

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