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Every Home Tells a Story

Story by Mark Dix  |  Photography by Nathan Sparks

A Defining Lesson

I spent 15 years in the restaurant industry before I started painting. Bussing tables, working the line, and eventually owning my own restaurant by the time I was 27, I found great purpose in being able to cater to the needs of others. And while I eventually made my way out of the culinary industry, there was one thing that really stuck with me: the critical importance of being responsive to people’s needs.

After 10 years of working in the painting industry, I opened Modern Heritage Trim & Finishing in 2017—originally named Southern Painting and Trim—to focus on providing well-proportioned trim and finishes for my clients. Their visions and the stories they wanted to tell through them mattered, and I am excited every day to be the one to help them come to fruition.

Helping Clients Connect

Today, we collaborate with our clients to make defining improvements to their homes, whether that’s new paint colors to renew and brighten a space, custom moulding to add depth and elegance to a room, refinished cabinets to completely transform a kitchen, or custom decks for a family looking to make the most of their outdoor space.

The work we do at Modern Heritage has never felt more important. As a community, we’ve spent the last couple of years interacting with our homes in new ways, despite the challenges that existed outside of our doors. We’ve upgraded our homes in the hopes of connecting with them more, changing spaces to reflect who we are as families now. And at Modern Heritage, we’re grateful that our clients have called us first to make those changes reality.

Every home tells a story. It conveys a message and makes a statement about who we are. My team of dedicated craftsmen, carpenters, and painters are here to help you tell your story through the creed we work under: Modern Methods, Classic Carpentry, and Flawless Finishes.

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